Intensity by Dean Koontz - Review


Intensity by Dean Koontz - Review

“Intensity” follows the story of Chyna Shepard, a twenty-six-year-old girl in the Napa Valley, who happens to be at her friend’s house when a lunatic (a psychopath named Edger Foreman Vess) breaks in to kill everyone.

How does someone even make this plot sound interesting? The murderer comes and Chyna hides, while her friends are hunted like animals, and Chyna miraculously survives.

We then have to follow Chyna on her mission to stop the dreadful killer (she finds the name of his next victim) as he goes about his merry way killing and doing downright despicable things.

It’s a book Dean Koontz thought up while watching murder mysteries on television. The twists are poor and not much more happens.

Book Details

Title: Intensity
Format: Paperback
Author: Dean Koontz
Language : English
Publisher : Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN: 067942525X

This book sucks. Koontz has never been great. Not ever. He just wrote enough books and got in at the right time.

Enter the story of a young girl named Chyna and a brutalist serial killer named Edgler  - both of these names being completely and utterly absurd – and after Chyna survives an unfortunate attack and somehow finds out about Mr. Vess’s plans to kill again and the identity of his next victim, she sets out to stop him in only the way a character in a book can.

What follows is a boring game of cat and mouse, and Koontz’s sad attempt at tension and “intensity.” It drags on, bloating the serial killer, who is supposed to be a “homicidal adventurer”; it is almost as if Koontz likes him a little too much.

The characters are bland and I never liked Chyna. The climax was meh. I give it 2/10 stars because I really hated it. It’s slow, boring, predictable, and another piece of man-tailored trash spit out by the annoying man who somehow retains shelf space at every bookstore on the planet.

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