Days Gone PS4 Review

Days Gone

Days Gone PS4 Review

Days Gone is an amazing action-adventure survival horror game that takes you to the thrilling and horrific post-apocalyptic world. Society changed when all hell broke loose, and nests of zombies called Freakers started roaming the areas. Even people can be a threat to you and your gear as well during your travels.

The game release was on the 26th of April 2019. Days Gone was developed by SIE Bend Studio. Sony Interactive Entertainment published it for PS4, and you get to explore the open-world design on your bike, fighting off any freakers or violent looters. The game has mixed reviews, but the majority enjoyed it. Let’s dive in and learn more about Days Gone and why it’s a game worth your time.

The game starts off with the world finding out about a virus outbreak that infected millions of people and made them extremely violent and murderous. The mutation is called The Freaker virus, and it infects animals as well. These people turned into zombie-like mutants that kill anyone on sight. The player is the main protagonist of the game, and his name is Deacon.

Amidst the panic and turmoil in the country, Deacon, his wife Sarah, and his best friend Boozer try to flee for safety, but Sarah got stabbed in the middle of the carnage. When they all reached the helicopter, it was at capacity, and it couldn’t take them all. Deacon decided to stay behind with his friend and let the helicopter take his wife to safety.

The plan is to reunite with Sarah at all costs, but time goes by, and civilization collapsed. You have to explore different areas and get supplies while trying to survive Freaker attacks and looters.

I love the vibe and atmosphere of the game. The open-world design is just spectacular. I feel like it’s a huge place to explore, and one of the best things about it is that you get to choose from main storyline missions and side missions as well. These quests kept me busy for a long time, and I was having a blast.

The graphics were impressive, even though there were some bugs and glitches with it. I noticed some drab textures in most buildings or rooms, but the game overall looks high-quality. You can see environmental weather effects, sharp colors, excellent character models that look exactly like the voice actors.

For example, Deacon looks exactly like Sam Witwer, and every other character looked close to real-life characters to me. Their facial expressions were spot on for every encounter, especially during cut-scenes.

The combat system was good, but I enjoyed the Melee Combat better because it felt more fluid and fun, especially with the animations of every attack. I didn’t enjoy the shooting system because it was difficult, especially in the beginning, before you upgrade your weapons.

Aiming was a pain, and the shootout encounters were not enjoyable too. I took any chance I got to switch to Melee weapons and fight that way because it was much more fun for me.

You get to fight Freakers, other people, and animals depending on the quests you’re on and the areas you explore. I tend to choose my battles and not dive into a nest unless I have some explosives, or I lure them out to me. Deacon is a cool and strong character, but he’s isn’t invincible enough to fight off an entire nest without a plan.

What I love about this game is that you get to be creative with the fights. For example, if I’m on a quest to take out an entire bandit camp, I can choose different ways to do it. I can take the stealth route and kill them all one by one, I can use explosives and lure them out to traps, or I can even lure a nest of freakers to the camp, and they can do the killing for me. The choices were interesting and a lot of fun.

Some quests felt a little bit repetitive, and it made me feel like it’s a chore, but the weird thing about these quests is that I still enjoyed doing them. The reason is because of the cool upgrades that I can get from completing missions and handing in bounties.

I can work on my reputation with different settlements, and that can help me earn their trust to unlock better upgrades and weapons. Making Deacon’s gear stronger is fun, and you can even upgrade your bike. The side quests were taking up most of my time, and I find myself spending hours on them instead of the main storyline. The questing experience in the open-world is just too addictive and enjoyable, even if some of them were repetitive. It had a purpose because I was getting a good upgrade in return.

The bike is your main method of transportation, and you should keep your eyes peeled in different areas or settlement vendors for any cool upgrades. Even if it’s cosmetic upgrades, it can be fun to play around with a customized bike. I liked how they designed it, and it reminded me a little of the old arcade games with the style of steering and sliding.

I didn’t find it hard to maneuver, and I rarely had accidents on the road. The design looks loose, but it’s cool at the same time, especially when you shift your weight with the bike. Crashing doesn’t happen easily compared to other games, and you get to use some nitrous boosts for it too! You have to take care of it though and repair it frequently.

The game mechanics put in fuel, and that means you need to fill up your tank quite often. Some parts may not have fuel unless it’s in the middle of a Freaker nest. If you’re careful and watch your fuel tank, you should be fine.

Deacon has a skill tree that you should work on to become a better explorer, fighter, scavenger, and survivor. I loved how you gradually gain experience and unlock these traits to become better in the open-world. It makes a huge difference, especially in some of the hard quests that involve a lot of targets at once.

The one thing that creeped me out in this game is the Freaker kids. Little zombie kids trying to kill me? Nope! It was fun though, and they usually don’t attack you unless you provoke them. Having a stronger skill tree with useful talents can help you survive those zombie kids and get rid of them easier.

The story in Days Gone is too good and interesting. I never felt bored or wanted to stop, and I actually lost track of time playing it because it lures you in with the thrilling moments. I love how Deacon managed to reunite with his wife, and the ending clearly shows that there will be a sequel soon.

The government organization knew about the virus, and it was their idea to make it spread. That chilling ending makes me very excited for what comes next.

I love this game, and I enjoyed every minute of playing it because you have so many things to do and different play-styles to choose from. I’ll give this game a solid 10/10, and I recommend it to everyone to try it out and enjoy this fun post-apocalyptic experience.

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