Apologies That Never Came

by Pierre Alex Jeanty

Apologies That Never Came

The serious tone of Apologies That Never Came allows Jeanty’s theme to come across as intended. With a theme of love, particularly heartbreak, this book explores the complexity of feelings and thoughts that might run through the minds of someone in emotional pain.

Throughout the book, Jeanty also includes small notes and inspirational pieces to encourage people who are or have been in the same emotional pain. The style Jeanty uses in Apologies That Never Came is simple enough to be understood by audiences of most ages and the construction of each poem flows effortlessly.

The cover of this book encompasses the structure of how each poem within it is set up. With the image of lined paper and handwritten-style font, it represents the idea of writing notes to other people who have shared similar pain. This also creates a sense of relatability since heartbreak and love are some of the most popular topics to write about.

The ‘note’ style that Jeanty uses in Apologies That Never Came is a great way to connect to others who are feeling or have felt the same way he has. With the different topics surrounding love and heartbreak Jeanty addresses, this book covers most of the process in trying to get over a relationship, as well as ones that may be more specific to him.

That being said, his personal emotions show through in his poems and notes in the right places. The title itself sticks out—Apologies That Never Came—with an instant intrigue as to what might be inside. The two simple words on the back cover, “I’m sorry…”, give potential readers enough information to know that the book will deal with an important topic.

The feelings of regret and, most significantly, sadness seem to stand out throughout the book. Still, there are more light-hearted poems that point out the good moments that can be in a relationship.

Book Details

Title: by Pierre Alex Jeanty
Format: Paperback
Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
Language : English
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1524850640

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