Carrie by Stephen King


Carrie by Stephen King

High school can be tough at the best of times, but for Carrie White, her school years are nothing short of hell.

Relentlessly bullied by her peers during the day, Carrie’s home life is just as unforgiving, courtesy of a deeply-religious and over-bearing mother. Carrie’s life is a never-ending circle of hate, control and torment, caught in a web of extremes that refuse to let go.

But Carrie has a secret, one which her world is about to discover. With her new-found telekinetic powers, and a thirst for revenge, this high-school loner is about to unleash her fury in a way few could ever have imagined.

Carrie is the terrifying tale of a shy girl pushed to the brink of madness; her fear turned into a hatred-fuelled thirst for revenge that will leave none in her wake.

Book Details

Title: Carrie
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Anchor
ISBN: 1984898108

The book that started it all for the man known as the master of horror. And what a way to start, this tale of a lonely girl pushed to the brink of madness curtesy of a group of bullies. We all remember just how tough high school was, but to imagine those years in the Carrie’s shoes is enough to leave you trembling.

But it’s how King is able to spin the tale in such a way as to highlight the incredible mental impact every aspect of her life has on her, that you really appreciate just how unforgiving Carrie’s life truly is. But revenge comes at a cost and by the time you reach the final pages, your left feeling like you’ve just finished 2 books, each with a different emotional impact.

Personally, I loved the whole experience, despite the sadness of it all, which only added to the overall journey.

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