Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - Book Review

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - Book Review

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl starts off as just another story of a missing wife and a distraught husband who is being accused of her sudden disappearance.

However, as the plot progresses along, it becomes exceedingly harder to tell which character is the victim and which is the villain.

This leads you, the reader, to ultimately question your own definitions of the two archetypes.

Nick and Amy, the husband-of-the-year and America’s sweetheart, then have their picture-perfect marriage scrutinized in the public eye where each side has their supporters who, naturally, villainize those who take the other’s side.

It becomes easier to paint Nick as the bad guy simply because he is a man who shows very little outward emotions, and would rather suffocate himself with pain and lies than breathe a single truth that would condemn him or allow others to see his imperfections.

As the “truth” begins to unravel through a series of clues left behind by Amy, you begin to realize that the whole “perfect couple” image is just a fake facade and that both characters are actually quite deranged!

The story is told through dual narratives that alternate between the past and the present, leaving the reader on edge, not knowing what twist is hiding around which corner.

Flynn’s razor-sharp writing along with her fast-paced thrilling narrative and her deep psychological insights easily make Gone Girl one the best, most nerve-wracking thrillers you could ever come across.

But aside from all that, what I liked most about Flynn’s unique style is how she uses her words to glorify the “cool girl” trope then proceeds to tear it down, making the reader fall in love with Amy— the perfect wife and daughter— before she unapologetically exposes all of the golden girl’s darkest aspects.

In short, this book is an original, witty, insightful, smart, and thrilling that will paint you a mental picture so vivid that you won’t be able to shake it off long after you’re done.

It will sicken you, confuses you, saddens you, surprises you, all while keeping you thoroughly entertained. Gone Girl would make a great read for those who like stories with intricately woven psychological plot twists that don’t end by their reveal.

Right when you think you’ve reached the end, the book takes you deeper into a twisted abyss where you get to live through the aftermath along with Nick and Amy.

Book Details

Title: Gone Girl
Format: Paperback
Author: Gillian Flynn
Language : English
Publisher : Broadway Books
ISBN: 1524763675

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