Muhammad A Biography of the Prophet by Karen Armstrong - Book Review

Muhammad A Biography of the Prophet

Muhammad A Biography of the Prophet by Karen Armstrong - Book Review

With over 1.3 billion Muslims roaming the world, you’d think that people would be familiar with Islam and have a basic understanding of what Prophet Muhammed was like.

With the terrible image being portrayed in modern-day media, Karen Armstrong displays a strong, unbiased biography about one of the most important humans that roamed the earth.

Instead of labeling Prophet Muhammed as a terrorist, a good place to get a better understanding of his character is by reading about his life in Armstrong’s book “Muhammed: A Biography of the Prophet”.

Armstrong walks us through Muhammad’s life by portraying to us his spectacular characteristics, which are the basis of Islam, and how he was the perfect example of a true Muslim.

Armstrong, who studied comparative religions and was a former nun, writes about the Prophet Muhammed from an unbiased perspective; recollecting his life and displaying the qualities that made him an excellent leader and a great politician.

Muhammad managed to convert many people to Islam, took good care of his people and became one of the most powerful and influential people of his time. Armstrong portrays Muhammad’s humbleness and noble characteristics, such as his justice, modesty, honesty, humility, forgiveness, and patience, in such a way that he would stop Islamophobia in its tracks.

The more you read Armstrong’s account of Prophet Muhammad, the more you’ll understand how the vast majority of the world’s Muslims view their Prophet and faith.

Reading this book is one step towards an unbiased perspective of Islam by reading about its most prominent figure and understanding the reasons behind what makes him a special character.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of the life of Muhammad and how Islam came about, as well as getting a glimpse of his character and what made him a role model for all Muslims.

Book Details

Title: Muhammad A Biography of the Prophet
Format: Paperback
Author: Karen Armstrong
Language : English
Publisher : HarperOne
ISBN: 978-0062508867

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