Poet in the Long Dark Coat by Adam Gary - Book Review

Poet in the Long Dark Coat

Poet in the Long Dark Coat by Adam Gary - Book Review

The final book in the White Cover Poetry Trilogy, Poet in the Long Dark Coat, reveals a slightly different poetic style than the other two books in the series. Along with poems composed of more lines, as well as some with a more solid storyline than theme, Adam explores different personal topics.

The central theme of the book isn’t specifically about love, as it has a selection of topics covering different subjects and themes. Adam does keep some structured poems across all books in the White Cover Poetry Trilogy—poems written in the Simplex Metre, which was developed by Adam himself.

The varying lengths, visual structure, and emotions of the poems in Poet in the Long Dark Coat give readers examples of Adam’s knowledge in the different compositions of poetry. The cover itself, like the other books in the series, utilizes the white background with a single image accompanied by bold text.

Instead of using colors and illustrations to enhance the creative flow of his book, Adam allows his poems to stand on their own, and steadily they do.

From the first book of the White Cover Poetry Trilogy, Adam’s poems have a certain personality to them, which is reflective of its author. A number of poems within Poet in the Long Dark Coat flow like a song while others read like traditional poetry. Additionally, Adam’s voice in his poems stands out.

Quirkiness is found in most of the poems, whether through the subject matter or word choice Adam uses. These qualities make this book—and Adam’s other books—unique in their impressions on his readers.

Reading this poetry collection, some poems will make readers’ hearts melt, others will make them laugh, and all of them have a distinctive voice that can leave readers looking to their own lives for similarities to Adam’s works.

Book Details

Title: Poet in the Long Dark Coat
Format: Paperback
Author: Adam Gary
Language : English
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1727455495

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