The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

Few authors can portray simple messages so distinguishably and profound, as Paulo Coelho. Nothing highlights this better than his bestseller, The Alchemist.

The moment you start reading through the first few pages, you will get hooked on the trails of a life-changing journey that will span grassy terrains, wild seas, and scorching deserts. 

Paulo sets the protagonist’s beginning on the outskirts of Andalusia, a long-forgotten stronghold. The soulful young boy is treading through the country with his flock of sheep.

The protagonist is going about things normally, while the author sets the tone of the story. The part leading to the life-changing journey is actually the longest section in the story, in comparison with the remaining 4 parts.Paulo does take his time to build up the story.

The second major part of the story concentrates on whether the protagonist will go on the journey or not. This is followed by the lowest point after the start and major transitions, the third section is the actual start of the journey, while the fourth and fifth are basically the meat and conclusion of the journey.

It’s worth noting that the division of a story or any piece of art into partitions, isn’t necessary and is completely subjective. The Alchemist is by far one of the best self-help books out there for good reason.

It has withstood the length of time and definitely given hope to many readers’ lives. The fact of the matter is no matter how cynical anyone is, reading this truly heartfelt story will undoubtedly send you into an unavoidable journey of introspection.

This journey will mainly focus on where you are, currently, in your life, how far you are, and how simple it is to start. Final thought, listening to this story being read by the magnificent Jeremy Irons is the BEST experience you’ll ever have.

Book Details

Title: The Alchemist
Format: Paperback
Author: Paulo Coelho
Language : English
Publisher : Harper-one
ISBN: 9780007435180

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