The Dark Half by Stephen King - Book review

The Dark Half

The Dark Half by Stephen King - Book review

Thad Beaumont has a secret, or at least had a secret. Writing under his own name had proved to be less than flattering, his books failing to lift off. But when Thad begins to write under the name George Stark, his popularity explodes, fans eager for his new creations.

But when a nosey reporter threatens to reveal the truth, Thad and his wife, Elizabeth, do the only thing possible. Hosting an actual funeral for People Magazine, the Beaumonts are killing off George Stark in a very public way.

Complete with grave and tombstone, George is laid to rest for the final time. But when the participants of the funeral begin to die in brutal ways, Thad realises that George has somehow returned, intent on claiming Thad’s life for his own. With the body count rising and George nearing his prize, can Thad reclaim his life once and for all?

Book Details

Title: The Dark Half
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Gallery Books
ISBN: 1501144197

The premise for this book came from none other than the Bachman/King relationship. Almost mirroring what happen to King, this story is as original as many of his other creations, with one exception. The brutality of George Stark, for me, is unmatched in any of King’s other works. It’s almost as if he is venting his own anger through his characters.

I love the originality as much as the characters, each developing their own strengths through the course of the story. By the time the final pages were turned, I found myself almost shouting for Stark to die, wanting Thad to take back his life.

But like a few others before, the ending of this book left a little sour taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love the book in its entirety. But sometimes what you think will happen and what you want to happen, may not always be what will happen. Judge for yourself.  

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