The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan - Book Review

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan - Book Review

The second stage in Robert Jordan’s 14 book epic, The “Great Hunt” reunites us with our friends from the first book. Rand, Perrin, and Mat are running around the world trying to stop it from ending. When all seemed well, they get attacked at Fal Dara, and all the characters spiral off on their own wacky and exciting adventures.

The evil Fain escapes his basement prison and runs off. Egwene and Nynaeve and Elayne, all go to the White Tower to start their Aes Sedai training. And the boys go off on a long and dangerous quest to reclaim the legendary Horn of Valere.

Rand discovers that he is, in fact, the Dragon Reborn, and what follows is a typical fantasy epic across a brilliant world painted with exciting creatures, beautiful locations, and villainous sorcerers…and trolls (trolls). 

I liked it similar to the previous book. The problem is that these characters did not seem to be growing much.

I understand that they are teenagers, but after all, they had been through in the first book, one would think they would stop whining about everything like little babies. Rand is scared of his power and he never stops whining about it. Perrin becomes a sulky baby because of his yellow wolf eyes and a good nose, which is over the top.

It was nice to see some characters return from book one. But the story starts to drag on in the middle; there seems to be too much happening from the same thing. The saving grace of this book is the magic and the monsters, they are so dynamic and cool.

I am patiently waiting to see what happens in the next book with all these creations. The climax is epic and undeniably so. I can’t wait for “Dragon Reborn”.

Book Details

Title: The Great Hunt
Format: Paperback
Author: Robert Jordan
Language : English
Publisher : St Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780812517729

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