The Talisman by Stephen King - Book Review

The Talisman

The Talisman by Stephen King - Book Review

The world seems to have forgotten about 12-year-old Jack. With his father gone and his mother dying in their motel room, nothing seems to make sense anymore. But Jack has a purpose, even if he doesn’t know it and an adventure is about to consume him, whether he wants to or not. 

When Jack meets a mysterious old man named Speedy Parker near a closed amusement park, he learns of the existence of another world called the “Territories.” Speedy tells Jack that his mother’s sickness can be healed, but he must be prepared to cross into this other realm and retrieve a Talisman to save her. 

After learning how to “flip” from one world to the other, Jack begins a quest filled with adventure, monsters, surprises and a secret that will change everything. Can he find the relic he so desperately needs and return to save his mother?

The Talisman is a collaboration between King and Straub, a wonderful piece of literary fiction that for many sits atop their favourites list. While not as graphic as some of his other works, this isn’t a horror story normally associated with King.

This is a tale about hope, love, adventure and the need to survive. It’s a story that will grow on you the more you read, the characters finding their way into your heart. 

I love it because it’s another doorway into the King Universe, including The Dark Tower series. There are some familiar names instantly recognizable to devoted fans and this book is another keyhole to peek through.

The story moves with such incredible pace that you never really find yourself wanting to put it down. Rather the opposite thing happened to me, where I was looking at the time, hoping for more so I could continue reading.

Book Details

Title: The Talisman
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Gallery Books
ISBN: 1501192272

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