Apple Macbook Pro 2018 - Laptop Review

Macbook Pro 2018

Apple Macbook Pro 2018 - Laptop Review

Apple has actually gained its reputation from its Pro range notebooks. Simple, because no other windows-based laptop can beat its performance, lightweight, or awesome display.

They keep on setting an example on high-end laptops with its impressive Intel i-core processor and built-in Siri integration, you will feel like you own a piece of the future and it’s still cheaper than the latest versions of this laptop.

The design is still the basic Macbook pro awesome design, it’s available in space grey and silver. Its slim, slick, and will slide into your bag. Extremely light-weight and is not bulky, which is why I am always attracted to Apple laptops.

I want to be able to go everywhere and use my own laptop without having to worry about carrying it all the time and getting a sore shoulder.

The True-Tone display makes everything look 4K on this laptop. It also changes the white balance based on the light conditions in your environment which mean it is always improving to make sure you’re getting the most detailed and best possible picture on your 13-inch laptop. 

I have a few tiny issues with this laptop. One of them is definitely the keyboard because I am a messy person who is always on their laptop, but if anything even dust gets to the keyboard, well, it ruins it.

And the keyboard hasn’t changed, they just padded it with rubber underneath it so it’s more sensitive (which is great) and also helps a little with the dust. The Trackpad hasn’t changed but it’s as awesome as it always was in any Macbook, especially with the macOS power gesture.

I was very excited about the touchpad on this laptop which is very easy and fun to use but honestly, you can live without it. You can also live without Siri responding to your voice command and the fact that you can open this laptop with a fingerprint.

These features look really cool, but now that I’ve been using this awesome piece of technology for a while, I’ve come to the realization that I can definitely live without all of them. What would have been more useful for this laptop was to stop forcing us to buy external docks and find a way to provide us with more than just 4 thunderbolts and 3 ports. 

This laptop’s performance is also amazing, it’s at least 50% faster than similar laptops with the 8th generation processor and 2.7GHz quad-core i5 processor. Every version of this laptop works as fast as the speed of light. However, it heats up sometimes, even though Apple made this piece with two fans instead of one. It still gives me heating up errors and I fail to find a reason behind it or a solution for it. 

I recommend this laptop because it’s one of the best in the market within its price range, but Apple needs to find a solution for the heating problem.

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