Huawei P30 Lite - Phone Review

Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite - Phone Review

This phone is perfect for its price, if you can’t afford Huawei’s awesome P30 Pro then you can try this one and I promise you a similar experience with a much lower price.

The design of this phone is awesome, glossy, and cool with an outstanding color gradient. It will make you look like you’re holding a piece of the sunrise or the future in your hands.

4GB RAM doesn’t make your phone as fast as you expect it to be, but this phone is actually solid enough. It doesn’t lag much, but you have to make sure your phone is clean, and its storage is not full because otherwise, it will, unfortunately, start lagging.

It’s designed beautifully, however, the camera is too thick which makes it harder for this phone to stay still on flat surfaces. Its battery life is great, you can listen to music, watch videos on YouTube, and text for 4 hours and you’re phone battery life would still be like 50% which is amazing.

It also charges really fast, which is exactly what you would expect from a phone in our modern-day.

The camera is almost as impressive as the P30 Pro, but the zoom capabilities are not as awesome. The colors are real and vivid, and its picture quality is extraordinary. The fingerprint is at the back of the phone, yea not on the screen, which is a bummer but it does work very well and it’s very quick, so I had no issues there. 

It’s also gorilla glass so it’s dust and waterproof which is awesome for its price and makes it look absolutely stunning. The speakers are at the bottom of the screen, so it’s mono and a bit sad, but if you don’t really care about how loud your speakers are, this phone should be just fine for you. 

I’d recommend this phone if you need a cool designed phone with a good camera and big storage because it’s 128 GB. It has a widescreen with full HD resolution and cute top-notch on the screen that disappears with videos and looks very cool indeed.

However, it’s not very fast, not very solid with gaming applications, and there are cheaper phones with better specs but worse design. It all comes down to what you’re looking for and why you want to buy a new flagship phone.

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