Beats Studio 3 Review

Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio 3 Review

The Beats Studio 3 are Apple’s premiere full-size wireless headphones. These over-ear headphones are designed to provide excellent wireless connectivity, long battery life, and the most comfortable use. Great noise cancelation properties was promised, but this feature did not meet the expectations when released.

The Beats Studio 3 cost $349, and they are the latest update to the Beats’ line that comes with Apple’s W1 wireless chip. They work amazingly with Apple products while keeping a strong and stable Bluetooth connection and a long battery life.

However, product tests have shown that they only keep this level of efficiency with Apple products and not with other brands’ products like Chromebooks and Google Pixel.

The Design

The design of the Beats Studio 3 is pretty similar to that of the previous Studio wireless headphones generation. Since that they are designed to stick so close to the head, their design might be taken as silly. We are used to this design as the previous generations of these headphones looked quite the same.

The black ones look very simple and subtle, while the red Beats come in a beautiful red color with silver highlights and white and gold trims. There are no updates to the build of the headphones. Their frame is still made of plastic, similar to most other designs, and their pads are made of synthetic leather that some people find fake-looking.

The new Beats Studio headphones look like it’s got the right build despite the criticism its design has been receiving over the past years.

The plastic found in the headphones used to be a little bit of a struggle, but with the new design, there is definitely less cracking heard while using them. They also added more resistance to the fold-up hinge in the headband. Now the headphones’ stems don’t flap around like they used to anymore.

The pads are oval cut-outs that make the design very comfortable in use and allow better room for most ear sizes. Over-ear headphones have always been more convenient for avoiding ear fatigue problems that are usually resulted from the use of on-ear headphones like the Beats Solo 3 Wireless and the new Beats Solo Pro.

The colors this time come in a matte finish rather than the old glossy one, but this still doesn’t help in reducing how recognizable these headphones are. The matte colors make them look classier, but no one can mistake a good pair of Beats Studio, no matter what their color is.

Connectivity and Battery Life

One of the great updates about the new Beats Studio 3 Wireless is the new Apple W1 chip. This wireless chipset is what allows us to use the headphones wirelessly when connecting them to iPhones or iPads. That happens when you turn on the Beats Studio 3 and notice that a pop-up prompt appears on your iPhone with a spinning 3D model of the headphones.

By tapping that prompt, you successfully connect wirelessly to the headphones. The W1 chip makes the interaction with the Beats way easier and more direct than using the normal Bluetooth headphones. Ever since the release of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones, Apple has been releasing more improvements to the wireless technology they use in H1 chips used in products like Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro.

The H1 chip already comes with a lot of cool features like showing you the battery percentage for your headphones through the app you use to stream.

The battery life for the Beats Studio 3 has shown amazing results when put to the test. With the wireless and noise cancelation features on, your headphones will last for 22 hours.

While if you switch off the noise cancelation, your Studio 3 will last for up to 40 hours. Amazing, right? Just like its predecessor, they come with a 5-LED indicator next to the power button that lets you know how much charge is left in them before you even start using them.

Noise Cancelation

The Studio series has always been known to feature active noise cancellation or ANC, ever since back in 2014. Claiming to enhance this feature even further this time, the new Beats Studio 3 Wireless comes with pure active noise cancellation. That makes the headphones able to avoid distortion caused by the cancelation of louder sources.

However, one challenge still faces pure ANC headphones, and that is wind noise. Wind noise is caused by the whistling wind around the pinhole mic, which is corrected by the noise cancelation feature in ANC headphones. That only leads to creating more noise though.

Even though some other noise-canceling headphones work better in achieving this task, the Beats Studio 3 are still perfect for avoiding the city noises and blocking out surrounding distractions that we encounter every day. Beats have claimed to provide a pure ANC that is better than that of any other noise-canceling headphones. That is not completely true as their ANC feature remains very decent compared to some competition.

Sound Quality

Everyone agrees that their quality of sound follows a strong consistency that has never disappointed. When you use noise-canceling headphones, you should lower your standards in terms of sound quality. What we’re looking for is clarity and a good presentation. And that’s what the Beats Studio 3 offer, music that feels closer to your ears without sounding too relaxed.

The updates add a thickness to the upper bass and low mids instead of a sub-bass gut punch. That may not work in the greatest way with vocal-lead music though. The updates made to the low mids of the Studio 3 resulted in a more saturated sound quality that lacks texture.

Final Verdict

The new Beats Studio 3 is a great choice if you ignore a few sound quality standards. There’s nothing not to love about them, as they offer the most comfort while wearing, look good and classy in all colors, and help in avoiding the stress of the city with their noise cancelation properties.

With their Apple W1 chip that makes connectivity easier than ever and their spectacular battery life, these headphones make it very easy to love them, especially if you are an iPhone user.

If you’re picky with your sound quality, you will be a little disappointed with the tire of blubber that is heard between the bass and mids, and that makes these headphones less open-sounding compared to other alternatives.

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