One Plus 6T - Mobile Review

One Plus 6T A6013

One Plus 6T  - Mobile Review

One plus 6T is one of the best flagship phones that you can ever lay hands on. For a little above than $500, you can buy a solid piece of technology. The phone has an awesome back design, the matte and glossy versions of it both look cool and very modern. 128 GB of storage will give you enough space for all your apps, pictures, and 4K videos. Its battery life is truly spectacular and overall this phone can outrun Samsung, Google, and even iPhones. 

It’s a cheaper phone with an amazingly cool fingerprint indicator that lights up and takes about 0.34 seconds to recognize your finger and open sesame. It’s quick and works without a glitch, which is great. Also, facial recognition is one to talk about, it’s extremely accurate, quick، and it’s a 2D scan so it’s no joke!  

The camera went through a few enhancements especially with their latest update, but for it’s the price, this phone has an awesome camera. 20 Mega Pixels front and back with an impressive night mode and great portrait mode. The night camera requires you to stand still for a long time or it will become blurry or flashy or weird, but that’s not a big deal to most people. In comparison to Google Pixel 3 and iPhone RX, this phone’s colors are more accurate and realistic, so you’d love the pictures you take. 

The Battery life (7300 mAh) will blow your mind, I can watch Netflix, take pictures, play a quick game, and browse all day and it will still have like 20% battery life remaining which is unique to find, in my opinion. Around 80 minutes into a Netflix high-quality film can drop your phone’s battery life from 100% to around 80%. It’s a piece of technology that you can finally rely on.

Final Verdict 

It also has a mode to boost performance and graphics when you’re playing games like BattleField and it would look extraordinary. One Plus has decided to get a USB C and forgot about the headphone Jack which is frustrating, but the C converter for your headphones is still in the box. It doesn’t support wireless charging and after some time when it’s full and busy, it lags a bit, but for its price, this phone is worth every bit. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re on a low budget. 

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