Old School RuneScape - Game Review

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape - Game Review

If you're a fan of MMORPGS, then you must have tried playing RuneScape in the past. This sandbox MMO is still very popular even in 2020 and out of all of the versions of the game, Old School RuneScape seems to be the highest-rated and most played version nowadays.

Jagex really made something special and one of the best ideas they ever made was bringing the old school version back for the player base. But why is it so good? What's so special about it? Let's find out and understand why OSRS is one of the best games ever created.

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, the graphics in this game aren't the best and it's not upholding the same standard of today's modern games. But let's be reasonable here.

Even though the graphics are kind of minimalistic in nature and characters look like a bunch of polygons stuck together, there is still something attractive about it and I personally like it. Maybe I'm biased because I grew up playing games that looked like OSRS.

But overall, I think the graphics give it a unique touch and make it stand out nowadays. Sometimes the minimal aspects are good enough.

Other than the graphics, the game has some wonky sound effects and animations. Some people might find it silly and unappealing, but that just adds more flair to the game. I feel like this distinctive style makes it so memorable and fun.

Whether you think it's good, funny, or bad, it has made an impression and it's a positive one since the game is still popular today. However, I must admit, I am getting sick of hearing the sound of people dropping items and picking them up or the sound of opening doors. I can live with mining or woodcutting sounds, but that just gets a little old at some point.

One of the most admirable traits or qualities that I found in OSRS is that the developers give the players a chance to vote on what they want for any new content. Not a lot of games have that feature and I think this is one of the reasons why it's still popular today.

Gamers get to choose what they want to play in a game and that's so cool. Also, a lot of people seem to love the fact that this game isn't following the pay-to-win mentality that most games have today.

There aren't any microtransactions at all like in RuneScape 3. Except maybe your random gold selling/buying market, but that's in every single MMO game ever created that has currencies.

The game has a simple yet cool class system, having four main classes that you could choose from. You have warrior, mage, ranger, and monk. Each class is unique when it comes to their skills and attributes.

Warriors focus on pure strength, mages on magic, rangers on a ranged level, and monks on prayer levels. If you have the time for it, I personally liked having two accounts to play with and I can choose any classes I want to switch whenever I feel like it since it's not like other games where you can create multiple characters in one account. I found that to be a major setback and could turn a lot of people off.

Overall, the game is so packed full of stuff to do that you can't keep up. There is something for everyone in the game and you can choose to be skilled to just focus on your skills, money-maker to just play the grand exchange with your merchanting skills, or even dabbling in the fun mini-games that I found to be so addictive.

But I recommend that you choose something and set a goal, this game isn't the easiest game in the world so don't overextend yourself.

I've always loved the mini-game and side-quest aspect of any game and OSRS delivers that enjoyable feeling. They can actually be beneficial and could give you helpful items that can save you in the future. Sometimes I just want to forget the storyline or quests and just play some fight pits, occasional rogue's den, or even pest control.

I personally loved blast furnace and rogue's den because not only was it kind of fun, but I liked how I was getting something in return for doing it. Rogue's den helped me get my gear for some pickpocketing fun to make some gold and the blast furnace helped me with some experience and smithing gains.

This next part might not be good for every player, but I personally liked how the quests were quite difficult. It's very time-consuming, difficult, and you do have to follow a guide, but honestly, I just felt that it made the game more rewarding.

Completing the Achievement Diary system is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially if everything is on max difficulty. But no matter what you do and how small your gains are, it always feels so much better when you finish it. It gave me this fulfilling feeling that not a lot of games can give today.

I really liked how the progression system takes its time and it takes a very long time. I feel like this aspect adds more fun to the game, making it last longer and you won't beat it too quickly and just feel nothing afterward.

The best thing about the quests is the journey you've gone through with a cool story too. Just remember to run as fast as you can to your corpse if you die; I always hated the fact that you could lose your stuff when you die.

There is one thing that I tried and failed miserably. The Inferno solo instance...That was a nightmare and I still need to finish that. But even though it's difficult, I really had fun playing it.

I personally didn't find the PVP aspects of the game fun. It's not like it's based on RNG, it's more like whoever can click the fastest and change items mid-fight wins. But I guess some players might like that.

The skilling system is very good and quite simple. I personally loved mining or woodcutting; mining was a little bit dangerous sometimes, but I could always go for gathering some wood if I needed some extra gold.

Also, thieving and smithing was my second best set of skills to work on. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent pickpocketing master farmers or playing the blast furnace mini-game.

Overall, this game has everything you could ask for in an MMO. I found it to be extremely fun and enjoyable. I could lose track of time playing it because of how immersive and addictive it feels when you play it.

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