Prince of Persia Warrior Within - Game Review

Prince of Persia Warrior Within

Prince of Persia Warrior Within - Game Review

The “Warrior Within” is the sequel to the iconic “Sands of Time” game. Ubisoft delivered something that was beyond perfection. This game was a masterpiece in so many ways that I wish more games, today, would follow in its footsteps. It proves that the early 2000s were the best years for gaming, because this action-packed adventure game would keep you glued to your seat for countless hours.

From exciting storytelling, excellent choice of music, and captivating gameplay, “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within” is still one of the all-time classics that people return to, whenever they want a taste of the old memories. So, let's take a closer look as to why this game is such a masterpiece.

I have to start off with the music; the company and composer Stuart Chatwood made the best choice when they got Godsmack to perform and record for the game. The music was so epic that it suited the game, which is set in medieval times; heavy metal and rock mixed with an Arabian/Persian twist was just perfect.

It seems that every song played well with every encounter and cutscene; I still listen to the soundtrack to this day and I believe it's one of the main reasons why this game succeeded so much.

The voice acting and sounds were spot-on and amazing; you'd notice if something wasn't made with love and effort. You can clearly see that the entire team worked hard to deliver the best voices and sound effects in order to make the game even better than it already is. Every character can interact and smack-talk each other in the middle of fights; I think that was so cool to hear as you play.

Graphics were great and I think it still is, even for today's standards; this was considered to be the best thing you could ask for back in the early 2000s. The textures, details, terrain, and other visuals in the sceneries were beyond beautiful.

I remember how mesmerized I was from what I saw as I played, and it wasn't just because of Shahdee or Kaileena's models; I was amazed by every detail that the art team created. Even when I went back to play this game recently, I still had the same feeling, along with the nostalgia hits that just made this a lot more enjoyable for me today. 

This game had a ton of puzzles and areas where you had to figure out what to do exactly right to carry on with your quest; like its predecessor, it really required a lot of focus and thinking to solve a lot of the stuff you encountered.

I remember back then how frustrated I was when I was stuck, due to a puzzle I could not solve, however it felt a lot more rewarding when I was able to complete it. Games like these, made me the gamer I am today and it also helped me clear tasks a lot faster than I did in the past.

I loved how the prince still managed to keep his time controlling abilities through his amulet, even without the dagger. The story is too enthralling and grips you in order to keep going. It's like an amazing book that you just can't stop reading; a page-turner when it came to amazing storytelling and dialogues.

The game had the prince running for his life from an ancient mystical beast called the Dahaka. This creature was the guardian of time and it started hunting the prince because he should have died. However he cheated death several times during the events of “Sands of Time”.

You embark on a journey to the Island of Time to stop the Empress of Time of ever creating the sands; this is your only hope of escaping the Dahaka and avoiding death.

I love how the game has different fighting styles and moves; the animation after every hit and kill were so epic. The excellence in execution, when you did an impressive move, makes this game 10 times better than its predecessor. It still had some of the old moves that the prince did, such as wall running and climbing; the parkour skills that the prince had were legendary.

Along the way, you get to wield different weapons, each one having a special ability that helps you carry on in your adventures. The first time I played it I couldn't get every single weapon, but after a few tries I managed to get everything I needed, even the water sword that can help me battle the Dahaka! Before you just had to run for your life, but with this sword, you get to change the timeline in an alternate ending of the game. This  gives you a special bonus cinematic and makes the ending a lot better, in my opinion.

The boss fights were extremely hard at the start, so remember to save before any of them. One small misstep or wrong maneuver and you're dead and have to restart all over again. I think the best and hardest fight has to be the Dahaka; it took me like an hour and a half or possibly two hours to defeat that damn thing.

But in the original ending, where you had to fight the empress and defeat her to save your life, the fight wasn't too hard, but it was much more enjoyable for me. As for the group fights with the different mobs, it was so cool to experiment with the different moves the prince has by cutting through them one by one.

The ability to use your amulet to alter time was very handy; you can rewind, slow or speed up time, allowing you to hit faster, make yourself overpowered with a flurry of attacks. The game is perfectly designed and the animation was beyond amazing.

This game deserves a 10/10 and it still does to this day. If you haven't tried it before or with to relive the epic moments again, then I strongly recommend that you get it.

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