Diablo - One of the most iconic games ever created!


Diablo - One of the most iconic games ever created!

One of the most iconic games ever created, Diablo helped change the gaming industry ever since it was released back in 1997. It was the biggest hit back then and nostalgia still itches many gamers worldwide; it had a special experience that the current games of the franchise can't grasp.

If you still have the old copy then you are considered lucky; but people can rejoice, because GOG and Blizzard teamed up to help recreate the older version of the game, in order for people to enjoy it. You could see for yourself why this game was so popular and why it was loved by many and still has a huge following to this day.

I'm going to start with the music because it's probably one of the best things in the game. That first moment you enter Tristram and that guitar hits, you know this is going to be good. The town is simple, small, and humble, making the music fit perfectly.

Even the cathedral has epic music, for every level; it's so dark and eerie, making you anxious and on the edge of your seat. I'm not going to lie, the music there made me nervous as a kid and it still does, sometimes. It's just one of the iconic things about the game that make the nostalgia ride even better.

The graphics are simple and primitive, but it was amazing for that time and era; I have a soft spot for games that have those old-school vibes surrounding them, because it reminds me of my childhood. It makes me feel like a kid, because this is what I grew up seeing and playing; today's gamers might not understand this, but the graphics are perfect just the way they are. They aren't cutting edge or flawless, like today's games, but after so many years the simple textures were so cool to see again.

I loved the style where every character has a window of text playing, when they spoke; it made it interesting and mysterious at the same time. Some of the characters you talked to can offer other services, whether it's a shop to buy supplies, the healer to take care of your wounds and get your health back up or selling potions and scrolls.

You get the blacksmith, who has excellent weapons and armor, and can repair your gear for a fee. You have the scholar who can identify specific items for you, and a witch that can sell to you magical items and scrolls, but can also recharge your staff for a fee. There is a little kid that can sell you some rare items randomly throughout the game, but you had to pay the little twerp gold upfront to even see what he has.

The voice acting is amazing in this game; every character has a special way to attract you and make you listen every time they talk. This was perfect and it made every character a lot better.

I remember hearing about it and being amazed at how the game came out this way; you got to invest in every character and I always loved interacting and gossiping with non-player characters (NPCs). Most of their quotes are still being used over the years and they are considered as a nice homage and tribute to the legacy of the first installment of Diablo.

The town had 8 main characters that you interacted with; you had Ogden who owns the local tavern of the Rising Sun. He considers you (the playable character) as a friend and someone he knows; the first one you encounter that starts off by telling you what had happened to the town and where you should go.

You have Deckard Cain who has so many stories to tell; this is probably one of the most iconic characters in the game too. You have Griswold, the burly blacksmith, Wirt the little boy who lost a leg, his story is very sad and he's only alive because Griswold saved him.

You have Farnham, the town drunk, Pepin the town healer, and a barmaid called Gillian. Finally, you have other iconic characters that were there from the beginning until Diablo 3; the witch Adria who doesn’t seem like a threat, at the time, in this game.

I love that gold and items just drop to the ground; a lot of gold is needed to buy your supplies and items. What I found very annoying is that you'll run out of inventory space quickly, which makes items such as “Scroll of Town Portal” extremely handy. This scroll, when activated, allows you to go back to town, sell your excess items and then get ported back to your previous spot, in the depth of the labyrinth; this scroll also saves you in tight spots where you run out of potions and you're about to die.

The fighting is simple and I still like it this way; you press your mouse and hack away at your opponents, but what makes it even scarier is that you don't see the health bar of whoever you're fighting. This just makes the game even better because you don't know what to expect.

 This Hack and Slash game might be different, but that's the beauty of it. You get to walk without knowing what will come out from the darkness; you'd have moments where you'd be overrun by demons and other creatures if you aren't careful.

The fear of the unknown and that feeling of being watched is what draws me to it, even if it's scary and downright creepy. That gloomy vibe and the uneasy feeling you're getting when you explore the labyrinth and the hell beneath is what makes this game perfect. I remember getting frightened at night after playing this game as a kid. It will forever be one of my all-time favorites and I'm sure many of you would feel the same.

 If you haven't already played this or you want to experience it again, then you should definitely buy it and download it. I'd rate this game 10/10 on any given day.

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