Skate 3 XBOX Game Review

Skate 3

Skate 3 XBOX Game Review

In 2010, the Skate series witnessed a new addition when Black Box developed the third sequel that was published by Electronic Arts. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is a skateboarding open-world game, which is played from a third-person perspective.

The developers announced that they added yearly updates, meaning that they applied improvements in different aspects of the game. However, they did not develop new features as the fans had hoped. This version is most suitable for beginners, but those who have played the previous parts may find it ordinary.


Skate 3 starts where Skate 2 left off, where you have left the city because of the skating limitation that is being applied. It is set in the new fictional city of Port Carverton, which has three districts, two of them are neat (Downtown and the University), while the third one (Industrial) is not as clean.

It is known for being a skateboarding-friendly city, and the goal is building a name for your skateboarding business and competing in the market. Your score will be measured by your sales and the number of skateboards you can sell.


Skate’s 3 gameplay has the same familiar feeling of the first and second parts. It is fun and exciting, but the problem is that it is not different. However, including real skateboarding professionals such as Terry Kennedy, Chris Cole, and Jason Lee who, appear as your instructor gave the game a nice touch.

The developers added new difficulty levels to differentiate this version from its prequels. The first one is Easy mode, where you will get to achieve several tricks easier and gain control over the player.

For instance, you can do a flip, jump, or other skateboarding shenanigans in a more simplified way. On the other hand, the Hardcore mode is recommended for those with experience because it is difficult and represents real life.

Developers also added a Skate Park mode, where you get to customize your own parks. The line of creation expansion has attracted other users as they can build tracks as well. Some people enjoy crafting parks, trees, and roads more than playing the game itself. Others believe that playing in a place they have created gives them a sense of control.

Other game modes that you may be interested in are the Up, Domination, and Own the Lot. They are based on the fact that you need to complete challenges within a certain time limit. If you want to beat other teams’ scores, you should go for the Up mode.

While Domination is based on competing with teams to gain the most points in a specific area of the game. The last mode involves two or more individual players completing various tasks.

Career Mode

Most people love to play the Career mode because it gives them a glimpse of real life’s business world. You should think of a skateboard brand and try to build it until it is well-known. Of course, this cannot be done on your own, so you will need friends to join your team whether they are real human or artificial intelligence.

To gain your first mate, you will need to acquire a high level of street credit to increase your notoriety. You will get to choose the uniform for your teammates by picking their skateboards, wheels, and outfits.

Black Box makes sure that you get enough challenges to keep you busy such as Own the Spot and Death Races, which will require the whole team. You do not have to worry there are other solo affairs that you can tend to without having to deal with any other person.

To win in these contests, you have to achieve the highest score. Each game has a certain rule that you can follow to win the round. Unfortunately, the offline version doesn’t offer a satisfying team dynamic. However, the online version gives you some flexibility in the mechanics’ department.

One of the great things about the game is that it offers you a consistent career progression whether you are playing online or offline. However, the offline mode is not available unless you buy the San Van Party Pack to join the party. In my opinion, it is a well-deserved purchase, especially if you have a rocky internet connection.

Social Network

Black Box knows the importance of socialization even in games, so they launched a skate feed. It is a social network inside the game where you get to check your friends’ activities and any new updates. It would have been a better option to link this feed with famous social media platforms.

This will keep players engaged with Skate 3 even when they are not playing. More players can get attracted to the franchise from checking that feed alone.


The settings are as solid as ever, and even though there is some depth to them, they are easy to understand and use. You can pull off various tricks with the left and right sticks, where the left controls the body and the right controls the board. A newly installed option is the ability to choose between a high and a low camera angle. If you’d rather play the same way as you are used to, then a low angle can be more fitting.

In the audio department, the soundtracks are of high-quality. Moreover, the announcements that take place shake you to your core and excite you to jump on tasks. However, what is amusing are the soundtracks that were meticulously chosen.

Some of the expected skateboarding genres are punk rock, alternative rock, metal, and hip hop. Buckle up for the unexpected tracks by different bands such as Joy Division, Hardcore Punk, and some bluesy tracks.

Game Helpers

Some interesting stuff can be unlocked after completing a set of tasks. If you want to have the Dem Bones character all for yourself, win all of the Death Race events. It is a cool skeleton player who you can use to skate around town. While Meat Man can be revealed after beating the Hall of Meat Contests.

Games are no fun without some cheat codes to ease the game or to make it more entertaining. For instance, you can turn pedestrians into zombies, change your skateboard into hoverboards, unlock Isaac, or reset all objects that are moving and return them to their primary space.

A fascinating glitch called Super Jump can make you sprint to the extent of 40 feet in the air. If you want to try it, make sure that you are playing on the Easy mode because you may fall on your face if the pace is difficult to keep up with.

The Skate franchise is quite popular, and it is admired by its fans. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the creators made Skate 3 similar to the previous ones. It is not disappointing, especially if you enjoy creating sceneries. The gameplay is still as impressive and remains one of the top skateboarding games.

The different modes that were added give people a variety of options to choose from. If you like to make friends who have similar interests, the skate feed is the place to hit.

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