George Clooney

George Clooney

George Clooney

Every decade or so comes an actor that wows the audience with his genius acting skills and role choices that make him remembered for ages. George Clooney is considered one of those actors who is known for his continuous success on the big screen.

The movie sensation was born in a family of talented individuals where his father was an anchorman, and his mother was a beauty queen as well as a city councilwoman. George Timothy Clooney was born in 1961, Lexington, Kentucky, and has been making his hometown proud ever since.

Even though George Clooney is now known for his famous roles on the screen and remarkable work in Hollywood, whether it is in acting, producing, or screenwriting, he initially wanted to be an athlete at a young age. He began training baseball and basketball when he was a kid, and when he was in high school, he even tried out for the Reds but was never offered a contract.

Clooney was not really interested in education. He spent some time at the Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati but never finished his education at either of them.

The American actor started his professional screen career at a young age, where he took on an extra role at the TV series Centennial in 1978. He then moved on to play relatively small roles in different TV series until he managed to make a breakthrough with the American show, ER, where he played Dr. Doug Ross.

The show was packed with major Hollywood stars including, Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, and Julianna Margulies, which helped accelerate his career and took Clooney to the next level. Clooney then moved on to make even more success in the new century by taking on a lead role in what would soon after be recognized as his most successful movie ever, Ocean’s Eleven.

The actor’s portrayal of the lead character in this film was so successful that it inspired the creation of the Ocean’s trilogy with Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen coming out consecutively in the years that followed. Clooney appeared in numerous drama and comedy films in the years that followed and bagged himself three Golden Globes as well as two Academy awards throughout his successful career journey.

Although he only won two Oscars so far, he was the first actor to ever be nominated in six different academy categories for his various roles.

The star has always been known to give his all to each role he plays that during the filming of Syriana, he refused to let a body double perform a dangerous stunt in his place, and he chose to do it himself, which resulted in him suffering from a really bad spinal injury that nearly killed him right then and there.

It took him months in the hospital and rehabilitation to fully recover, and it was a period that Clooney described as one of the darkest in his life. He even said he had suicidal thoughts during that period but managed to overcome that dark period with the support of his loved ones and the care of the professionals around him.

George Clooney took on his rapid and massive Hollywood success and fame and put it all to good use, where he has always been keen on humanitarian work and activism over the years. He worked with a number of other Hollywood stars on supporting different NGOs in the United States and sometimes abroad with the main purpose of preventing atrocities and supporting victims of natural disasters.

Clooney is known to have a close relationship with former President Barack Obama and on an occasion discussed humanitarian causes with him as well as supported him on passing gay rights laws.

The movie star is also known for his love for animals. He adopted a pig in the 80s named Max, who lived with him for nearly 19 years. Clooney would usually joke in interviews about how Max was his longest-lasting relationship ever. Hollywood loved the duo together, and they made really cute memories together over the years. Nowadays, Clooney has a rescue dog named Millie, who has been a part of his family for a few years.

The award-winning actor was Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor for years before settling down at last. He had a packed dating history but always preferred to keep his personal life private and away from all the cameras and media spotlight. He dated actresses like Kelly Preston, Renee Zellweger, and Ginger Lynn Allen, but they were all relatively brief relationships.

He was once married to actress Talia Balsam, but that marriage only lasted for about four years before it ended. Thanks to his humanitarian work and constant activism, Clooney managed to meet the love of his life, Amal Alamuddin, who has now taken his last name and is known as Amal Clooney.

The British-Lebanese human rights lawyer stole Clooney’s heart quickly, and soon after rumors about the couple dating began, they got engaged and married in 2014 in a lavish Italian ceremony. The two have twin children Ella and Alexander Clooney, who were born in June 2017.

Aside from his cinema and TV work and his humanitarian missions, Clooney managed to find his own business in the Tequila market, where he founded his own brand that was sold for an estimate of one billion dollars.

The actor’s whooping wealth does not just come from his acting career, which made a big part of his wealth, but it also comes from his great business mind that helped him take his Tequila brand to the next level and generate this massive success.

The well-known movie and TV star has had a long successful career full of pivotal moments that made him loved by millions all over the world. George Clooney continues to speak out for humanitarian causes and helping out those who do not have a voice through his activism work as well as his roles on the screen.

He may have started out with the dream of being a professional athlete, but he eventually found his passion and success on the screen, and he continues to wow his audience on a regular basis.

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