What is Pinterest? - Social Media Platform Review


What is Pinterest? - Social Media Platform Review

Pinterest is probably my favorite website; it is a magical black hole that I cannot get out from – and often don’t want to. Every time I open Pinterest, I spend no less than an hour browsing various topics and searching numerous things. I usually find a magnificent inspiration and I find it beneficial and useful in so many ways. A lot of you may already know this gorgeous website, while others don’t.

What it Is

Pinterest stands out among the crowd of websites because of how varied its content is. You are probably still wondering what Pinterest is, so let’s get into it. Basically, it is an online gallery that has countless photos -- of everything. People pin or add pictures about whatever topic they want and write brief descriptions for them.

There is a search toolbar where you can write anything you want to look for, for example, “plants” and find endless results showing you different plants from everywhere around the world. The same thing applies to any topic you search for.

How It Is Beneficial

I remember the first time I ever used Pinterest was when I was looking for some fashion inspiration; I had a red blouse and I didn’t know how to style it. As soon as I typed “red blouse” in the search bar, I found a zillion red-blouse outfits that made it super easy for me to prepare more than one outfit. There was another momentous stage in my life where I was designing my own apartment; every corner was inspired by photos on Pinterest.

I applied some as they were and slightly modified others. I searched for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, halls, portraits, decoration, drapes, and a lot more and I found great help there. You can surely do the same and look for anything that you’re unsure about.

It Is for Everyone

Although Pinterest is my ultimate fashion and beauty guide, it doesn’t mean it’s only for girls. Anyone is welcome and free to visit Pinterest and actually get help from it. My dad usually looks for suitable tie colors that would go along with his suits; he types “gray suit” and bam, he finds a different selection of ties that would match his suit perfectly. All he has to do is go shopping.

Pinterest doesn’t only stop at fashion and clothes; you can search for the latest car models, gym equipment, new haircuts, and even food recipes, but I will talk about that later in details.


When I tell my friends about Pinterest, the first thing they ask is “what is Pinterest used for?” Well, besides the brilliant benefits that I listed above, this website is a treasure for food recipes from all around the world. You can become the next top chef just by looking up new recipes. From Asian to Latin cuisines, the varieties are limitless.

The other day I went for an Indian meal that was incredibly delicious, so I would definitely recommend you look some up. When you click on any image on Pinterest, it usually directs you to another website or blog, where the original post is. When I clicked on the Indian recipe, I was directed to an Indian blog that was full of even more appetizing food.

How You Can Use it

All you need to do to be on Pinterest is to sign up with your email or connect with your Facebook account. As soon as you have an account, you are free to save whichever photo you like to a specific board and you get to name that board anything you want. For example, if you were looking for short haircuts and want to save a couple of photos for future reference, you can create a board and name it “Hairstyles” or “Haircuts” and can view it anytime later.

You are free to create any number of boards and you also have the luxury of making secret boards. If you want to create a board about love quotes and you’re worried your followers may find them cheesy or sleazy, you can choose the board to be hidden; only you can view it. In case you like adding pictures of yourself, you can do so by pinning a photo to Pinterest.

When you search for something on Pinterest, your feed automatically gets filled with the results you searched for; it is such a smart website that knows how to catch your attention.

Connect with People

Pinterest resembles a lot of social media platforms; you can follow and be followed by people. You also have the option of following certain boards instead of the person who creates them. You can send and receive messages as well as send photos to a friend to check them or connect with new people and make friends.

If people like your photo, they can comment on it and share it to their boards, unless it is in a secret board. There is a bell icon that shows the notifications you get about comments and likes. If you like adding DIY videos or food recipes, you get notified when people try them.

Make Money

Some people just like adding pictures or videos and quote them with some inspirational comments. Others add pictures that direct whoever opens them to another website or blog where their business is. If, for instance, there is a delicious-looking meal photo on Pinterest, as soon as you click on it you will have the option to either save or read.

When you click on read, you are directed to the website where the original recipe is, and where you can find different recipes as well. The more visits to these websites or blogs, the more money their owners make. You can do the same if you want to make money online; pin any photo on your blog, website, online store, Instagram account, or YouTube channel to Pinterest to get more clicks and make loads of cash.

In this case, you would want to switch your personal account to business to have better insights about your audience and to know more about ads. You can set up a business account right from the start if you want it to be solely for trade.

Pinterest’s addiction comes down to four important aspects: search engine, home feed, pins, and boards. These are the reasons why Pinterest is such a magnificent platform that has almost 200 million users. I love the fact that whatever I search for, no matter how odd or weird it is, I find extremely satisfying results.

When I close the app and open it the next day, I usually find my feed loaded with different results from my last search, which is super handy in my opinion. I get to pin more images and create more boards; my Pinterest account is an international gallery with loads of various topics. Whether you will use it on your phone or laptop, you will be surprisingly amazed and addicted; don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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