City of Berlin - Germany

City of Berlin

City of Berlin - Germany

When you think about a cultural hub with many facets to explore, Berlin may immediately pop up in your mind.  The capital city of Germany and one of the largest cities in Europe. Berlin is well-known for its turbulent history and appreciated for the cosmopolitan reality it is today. The way it rose from destruction and sculpted into a multifaceted powerhouse is impressive.

The city was founded in the 12th century and reunified in 1990. The region still houses some of the most famous historical attractions in the world.

Places to Visit

The large city has several attractions that are difficult to cover in one day. However, if you prefer to take a quick peek, you can certainly fit them in a one-day itinerary.

1.     Alexanderplatz

The main square of Berlin, Alexanderplatz, is ideally the spot from where you should begin your day and explore the city. The square has multiple shops, malls, and an epicenter for public transportation. Apart from viewing the urban aesthetic, you also get to see the Urania universal clock and the famous television tower of Berlin.

2.    Museum Island

The city center comprises five museums on the north side of an island, which is also labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous sightings include the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, Bust of Nefertiti, and the Altar of Zeus spread across museums.

3.    Brandenburg Gate

When in Berlin, you cannot miss the Brandenburg Gate. You might have noticed this gate in most itineraries and magazines that talk about Berlin. It is not only significant to the city’s skyline identity but also a famous landmark of the world. The neoclassical monument was built in the 18th century and is connected to the country’s tragic history. Today, it is perceived as a symbol of unity and peace.

4.    The Holocaust Memorial

Officially known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the structure represents the tragic past of the country and its victims in the 20th century. Several blocks of concrete with varying heights are erected at the site to commemorate the victims.

Apart from this, you must also visit the Reichstag Building for its rich history and 360 view, and the Kurfürstendamm, which is a famous shopping street.

Getting Around Berlin - Transportation

The transportation system in Berlin is organized and punctual. It is well connected to every corner of the city and takes you to every part of the sprawling city. The comprehensive system comprises trams, buses, U-Bahn (underground), and S-Bahn (city train), which connects every stop and zone of the huge city. Even though the Berlin transportation system is known for its punctuality, maintenance, and safety, it can be a bit confusing.

A single ticket costs 2.90 euros and is valid for 2 hours. You can travel with all modes of transportation using a single ticket. You can also choose between day passes, tourist tickets, weekly passes, or the 10-Uhr-Karte, which allows travel after 10 am. If you prefer cycling, you can rent a bike from a rental service. Since the city has several lakes, you can also opt for a ferry ride that is marked with an ‘F’.

Food and Famous Dishes

While Germany aces in certain industries and disciplines such as cars, technology, and beer, you may find fewer ‘popular’ German dishes that are binge-worthy. However, the multicultural integration has brought several popular dishes to the table, some of which even represent Berlin’s cuisine.

From gastronomy to street food, you can find various dishes to indulge in, some of which include currywurst, schnitzel, pretzels, Eisbein, Königsberger Klopse, Kartoffelpuffer, Berliner Pfannkuche, and Apple Strudel. Finally, you cannot miss out on German beer.

Popular Places to Eat

Even though German food is not that popular, these restaurants may change your mind.

1.    Lebensmittel Mitte

Käsespätzle, a popular Swabian specialty is a popular dish in the country. It is a pasta dish served with a special kind of cheese. Many locals and tourists visit Lebensmittel Mitte to eat the best Käsespätzle in town.

2.    Tim Raue

If you are open to spending money on food, you must check out this cozy restaurant that ranks the 37th on the list of the world’s best restaurants. The vibe is informal and lively, and the food is to die for. The place specializes in its varied range of amuse-bouchées and main courses. Do not miss their wagyu beef and Australian Winter Truffle.

3.    Shaam

If you fancy Middle Eastern cuisine, you must visit Shaam to try their shawarma. The restaurant serves Syrian cuisine and is located on Karl-Marx-Straße. It is specifically known for its zingy sauce and fatty meat.

4.    Kumpel & Keule

This place takes a fancy and modern approach to German cuisine, which both tourists and locals enjoy. You also get to order from a wide range of international butchery from their curated menus, which is also something they are known for.

5.    Street food Options

Berlin’s street food is unmissable. On Thursdays, you can try a variety of street food dishes in the Kreuzberg district, some of which include home-smoked fish, British pies, focaccia, Thai tapioca dumplings, pancakes, and Italian bread.

Entertainment and Activities

Whether you are traveling alone or with your friends, walking around Berlin is a feat in itself. If you have a lot of time to spare in the city, you must indulge in certain activities like:

1.    Visit Famous Beer Bars

When in Berlin, you cannot miss out on the famous German beer. Berlin, in particular, boasts of a few beer bars that serve the best beer in the world. Some of these places include BRLO Brwhouse, Kaschk, Hopfenreich, Vagabund Brauerei, and Protokoll.

2.    Visit Underground Bars and Clubs

Berlin is also known for its underground bars that were converted from ruins but still maintain the character. While the list is long, you shouldn’t miss visiting Tresor Berlin, which is an underground techno club converted from an abandoned power plant. Other famous subterranean places include Bar Tausend, Quasimodo, Madam Claude, and Cosmic Kaspar.

3.    Explore Vibrant Streets

You can hardly find a blank wall in the city. The vibrant streets of Berlin is also another famous attraction. Just take a walk around the city, and you will find vibrant street art at every corner, specifically in contemporary neighbors such as Neukolln and Kreuzberg.

4.    Visit the Schaübuhne

If you are a cinema fanatic, Berlin will be an absolute delight for you. Famous for avant-garde theatres, Berlin has the magnificent Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. This theatre was constructed in the Bauhaus style and hosts popular celebrities. You can still visit the place and watch a performance.

People and Culture

German culture and values are surprisingly quite apparent in the bustling city. At first, you may find Germans rude and bland, but they can be extremely fun when you get to know them. Every district in Berlin has its own character. In a way, the mystique is apparent due to its several colorful districts or rather, inner cities of Berlin, which make the place hip and grungy.

With several expats residing in Berlin, the city portrays a multifaceted culture and shares different values. Not many know this, but Berlin is connected to musical roots and has housed several famous artists of all time, notably Iggy Pop and Bowie.

If you wish to visit Berlin, we’d recommend going with a few friends. Traveling solo may seem boring at some point. The best time to visit is between March to May, when the weather is cool, but the days are sunny.

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