Experience Venice - Italy


Experience Venice - Italy


It is hard to hear the word Venice without thinking about the numerous love movies, songs, poems, and stories that have been written in and about this city. It has been the source of inspiration for many artists because of its mesmerizing views of canals and small boats. The fact that the city is made of a group of islands connected by bridges is what gives it its allure.

Venice didn’t only inspire hopeless romantics to write literature, but other novelists and poets made up pieces about people who lived in Venice. For example, The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, and Anne Rice's Cry to Heaven.

On another note, Venice was the haven for painters and architects, especially during the Renaissance and Middle Ages. It even developed a style of its own called the Venetian school and became one of Europe's art centers. 

When it comes to architecture, Venice surpassed most of the other cities and was featured in more than one art form. It was even represented in video games such as Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which parts of it were set in Venice. One of the most common styles is the Gothic style, which combines the use of the lancet arch with the curved ogee one.

This was influenced by the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Islamic styles. After a while, a transition to Baroque architecture occurred. However, most of the city kept its Gothic style.

Venice is one of the first destinations for tourists who only heard about it from the stories and saw its greatness in movies. It has been attracting tourists since the 18th century because of its landscapes, artistic heritage, and architectural beauty. Aristocrats used to visit to dine and to witness the Carnival of Venice in the 1980s.

The Lagoon

The lagoon is seen as a blessing and a curse because it is responsible for the stories that attracted people to Venice, and it threatens its existence at the same time. It is also the source of income for the city as it supplies it with water, mud banks, and the channels where the marines live.

A severe flood struck the city in 1966 and ravaged the city to the point that people had to evacuate their homes. Since then, efforts have been made to come up with a plan to protect the building and the people.

Unfortunately, another major flood took place in 2019, and it is the only one comparable to the one back in the 60s. People thought that this is because of the change in the climate. However, global warming is one of the major reasons behind the floods.


People are still rushing to visit Venice today, especially during Summer, when the weather is warm. They’re calling it the living museum or the tourist trap because you are bound to get lost in the streets. However, that’s a good opportunity to roam around aimlessly and discover new places in this foreign city. Don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoes so you can marvel at the beauty of the buildings and fountains without getting tired.

The existence of numerous attractions has always played a huge role in attracting people from all over the world. Well, the first thing you should do is take a gondola ride through the Venice canals while an Italian gondola ride singer sings for you. Some people may advise you against it because it is overpriced. However, you will have the ride of life, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world!

If you are a bookworm who likes to scout for old and used books, there is a hidden bookshop called Libreria Acqua Alta in the Castello District. Another district that you should visit is the San Marco district to witness St. Mark’s Square, which has  Byzantine-era architecture. You will also find a couple of coffee shops that are famous for their great espresso.

If you want to have the best view in the city, you should try climbing the Campanile di San Marco. You can enjoy another iconic view from the Rialto Bridge, which passes over the Grand Canal. Another bridge that you can walk on is the Bridge of Sighs which is in front of the Grand Canal.

People say that you can never digest a city without tasting its food. Since Italy is famous for pizza, tourists expect that they will eat the best one in Venice. Unfortunately, pizzas need wooden ovens which are banned from the city. However, you can still enjoy the best ice-cream, tiramisu, and cicchetti. When it comes to drinks, you should try the local wine because it is like nothing you have tried before!

We all know that souvenirs are a must when we travel abroad, so you should look for the signature item in Venice. When you visit Murano, you will find the world-famous glass that people come from every place to buy. However, beware of the imitations because they are scattered all over the city. 

Before heading to Venice, you need to know how to go from one place to another swiftly. It is like any place with public transport and companies that you can book from. However, you can have fun with the method of transportation. For instance, you can go around the islands by crossing the maze of canals, either on foot or by taking a ride in the small boats.

Another great means of transportation is the vaporetti on the Grand Canal, which is a motorized waterbus. You can find water taxis and traghetto which are used by locals and tourists.

If you want to take a national or a regional train, you can head to the Santa Lucia station. It is located near the vaporetto stop next to Piazzale Roma. There is also the Mestre station Orient Express, which is on the border between Mestre and Marghera. If you want to go to another city by cruise ships, there is a port in Venice called Venezia Terminal Passeggeri.

The over-tourism that Venice witnesses every year is a double-edged weapon. That is because the overcrowding has caused issues for Venice’s environment and ecosystem. It has gotten worse by 2017 that UNESCO considered adding it to the endangered list, along with the war-torn countries.

In an attempt to protect Venice and save it from collapsing, the Italian Transport Ministry minimized the number of cruise ships entering the city. The government also banned plastics in the street and on the boats, from cups to suitcases.

The people also started a move to clean the canals to protect the swans and the remaining living species from extinction. They hated the fact that the clear water that used to run in the canals is turning green because of the amount of pollution.

If you are into history, culture, art, or beauty, you will find a place to go and gaze at in Venice. You can check the paintings, watch movies, listen to street music, and drink wine. It is probably everyone’s dream to visit Venice one day because it is incomparable to any other city in Europe.

A word of advice before heading there, you should keep in mind that the city’s survival depends on every person’s cleanliness and how they treat the environment.

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