IT by Stephen King - Review


IT by Stephen King - Review

A quiet, small country town in upstate Maine should be the perfect place to raise a child. But Derry is no quiet town, its residents caught in the grip of a spate of child killings that leave the authorities with no leads to follow.

As the body count rises, the most unlikely group of adversaries come together to fight an evil that has been possessing their town since time began, reappearing every 27 years to feed its hunger.

When 7 children join forces and form “The Losers Club”, they unknowingly form a bond strong enough to face the evil Pennywise. This being can take on the form of the nightmares living in the mind of its victims.

Preferring the appearance of a clown, this entity begins hunting the Losers, hoping to break their will before they can end IT’s reign of terror once and for all.

Book Details

Title: IT
Format: Hardcover
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Scribner; Media Tie In edition
ISBN: 1501182099

If an author had to write a book that encompassed the rest of their work, Stephen King would certainly be IT. This novel definitely raises the bar, even for this prolific writer. The words seem to roll off the page with such ease, that the reader barely notices the book’s, 1000 page, size.

Right from the opening exchange, between poor Adrian Melon and his attackers, (an incident that was based on an actual attack) I felt drawn to the horror that was Derry itself. The story flows with such a pace, that the suspense, the horror, and the sadness all meld into a journey that you quickly feel a part of.

Although the subject matter, children being slaughtered in ever-more gruesome ways, can be a little hard to stomach for some people. King has a way of using that outrage to build the hatred one feels towards the book’s villain, hoping for the Losers to win the day and end the suffering once and for all.  9 out 10 for me.

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