Needful Things by Stephen King - Book Review

Needful Things

Needful Things by Stephen King - Book Review

Castle Rock has always been a place for the peculiar. But when a new store called “Needful Things” opens its doors, the locals can’t help themselves, each coming to meet the new proprietor with a newfound sense of curiosity. Leland Gaunt is a charming old man, welcoming his guests with enthusiasm and shelves of wonders.

The wares that Needful Things has on its shelves all seem a little too perfect, the residents finding treasures they’d only ever dreamed of. With prices that seem too good to be true, they eagerly purchase their new items, Gaunt’s only other price being a small favour. 

But these favours are anything but small, a cunning plan set in motion by the unsuspecting customers who agree to their tasks. As the violence builds, the town sheriff begins to suspect that there’s a lot more behind the smiling face of Castle Rock’s charming new resident. Can he convince a town gone mad before it’s too late?

Book Details

Title: Needful Things
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Gallery Books
ISBN: 1501147412

Needful Things is everything I want from a story. The good guy Sheriff, the bad guy, the tension, a story that flows with a relatively decent pace, the build-up, the eventual climax. But what I find even more remarkable is the way you feel a part of the story.

I can imagine setting foot into the store myself, finding an autographed 1st Edition copy of It (my ultimate addition to my own collection), being asked for that one small favour by Gaunt. 

The novel represents greed in a most perfect way. King does his best to keep the action flowing and he does it well, each of the characters finding a way to get a reaction from the reader. Definitely one of his classics and one you’ll want to read time and time again.

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