Nocturnal by Wilder - Book Review


Nocturnal by Wilder - Book Review

Utilizing the themes surrounding night, Nocturnal is an aesthetic-based poetry book with illustrations that add to the aesthetic.

The poems in this book are written in a simple way to allow readers of all kinds to be able to understand and potentially relate to the subject matter.

There is seamless flow between the poems and the different sections they’re divided into.

The overall emotions within Nocturnal can be summarized into feelings of sadness, hope, and remembrance, among other things. None of the poems have specific titles, though the central message or meaning of each poem is clear and concise with elements of fictional imagery.

The simplicity of the poetry remains the same throughout the book, completing the flow of imagery and aesthetic. The visual structure of the poems add even more to the aesthetic of the book. They also clearly identify Wilder’s style—modern poetry that strays away from traditional English poetry structure.

Wilder’s unique voice stands out alongside the aesthetic of Nocturnal. Unlike most poetry books, Wilder uses the book’s aesthetic to enhance the tones and themes of the poems.

Additionally, with less focus on traditional poetry structure, some of the poems connect directly to others—another interesting aspect of Wilder’s style. The illustrations within Nocturnal relate to the poems they appear on.

These identify some of the central themes and messages Wilder presents to her readers. Though night is initially viewed as a time to wind down and sleep, there are undoubtedly people who spend much of the night awake.

Nocturnal can be interpreted as intended for those type of people, as well as the creators, dreamers, and adventurers.

The book’s cover fits the aesthetic, but also gives the reader the impression of the artistic nature within the book’s pages. The overall impression of Nocturnal is a comforting, inspiring, and an aesthetically-pleasing read that leaves a lasting impression on its readers.

Book Details

Title: Nocturnal
Format: Paperback
Author: Wilder
Language : English
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1524850969

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