Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - Book Review


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - Book Review

A moving story about love, loss, and one woman’s journey through time, and the unfolding of one of history’s most tragic battles, changing the course of an entire country. 

In 1945, with the end of World War II, Claire Randall a combat nurse is finally reunited with her husband Frank, and the two of them decide to embark on a second honeymoon to Scotland in order to reconnect and re-establish their marriage. 

In Inverness, Claire stumbles across a circle of stones that takes her back in time to the year 1743 where Scotland is torn apart by war. On the run for her life and afraid of forces she cannot understand, Claire meets and falls in love with a young and gallant Scottish warrior, James Fraser.

Soon, she must decide between two vastly different men and two completely different lives. 

Book Details

Title: Outlander
Format: Paperback
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Language : English
Publisher : Delta
ISBN: 0385319959

Diana Gabaldon’s debut novel manages to create a rich story set in the real 1700’s Scotland, and delving into the lives of the Scottish clans at the time, giving us a unique insight so few have touched on. By introducing a strong female character in a time when women weren’t expected to do much, and having her love two different men, she subverts expectations and gives us a love story for the ages.

The story is full of deeply complex characters such as young Jamie, a warrior who is much more than meets the eye, and the despicable Jack Black Randall. Claire Randall is a flawed heroine, but one we can all see ourselves in especially as she is torn between fidelity and desire.

Diana’s style is both straightforward and quick-paced, albeit a bit too pragmatic at times, but what she lacks in momentum, she more than makes up for with wit, warmth, and plenty of intrigues to keep you on the tips of your toes.

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