Sugar Skin by Nicholas Wilson - Book Review

Sugar Skin

Sugar Skin by Nicholas Wilson - Book Review

Sugar Skin is the debut novel of Mr. Wilson, and it is a powerhouse. Hard to describe exactly what genre this book falls under, but it follows the story of protagonist Tank. He’s a young backpacker exploring the world, and it starts out with Tank meeting our storyteller on the Trans-Siberian Express. 

We see an older Tank, and in the second chapter his story begins. He travels to Colombia, meets a cast of other crazed backpackers basking in the less savory activities offered in South America, meets a girl and falls in love, then makes some poor choices and gets captured by a sadistic mass murderer. 

After managing to escape, Tank is brutally attacked and sent to hospital. When he gets out, his love is gone, his friends are gone, and he’s left alone and sad. He then embarks on a journey that will take him deep into the heart of the jungle, where he must face-off against the savage killer and his cult of freaks.

Book Details

Title: Sugar Skin
Format: Paperback
Author: Nicholas Wilson
Language : English
Publisher : Nicholas Wilson
ISBN: 1999173430

This book is perfect. An unyielding blend of sex, violence, and personal demons, Sugar Skin delivers on every level. The main character is as human as they get. The whole book is a personal view through the eyes of a sex-crazed and hopelessly romantic young man as he struggles against what’s right and what’s wrong, and his own evil “goat” that he can’t resist. The scenery is beautiful. 

The characters are all real (the book is based on true events) and villain is one of the sickest non-paranormal villains I have seen in a while. The sex is depicted in a way that is far from romantic, as it’s totally real. And much of the book can be pretty disgusting. But it’s real, and that’s what makes it great. 

I give it a full 10/10. A creative story bred from the author’s personal experiences traveling. I can’t wait for book 2.

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