The Long Walk by Stephen King - Book Review

The Long Walk

The Long Walk by Stephen King - Book Review

How does a militaristic dictator keep his population entertained? By hosting the most-watched annual television event in history. In an America of the future, 100 boys must line up for the long walk, a trek along the endless highways.

But they won’t be alone, the guards never far away, each armed with a rifle and a heart of stone to match. They’re watching. Watching and waiting for those that slow too much.

In the end, there can only be one left standing, the winner destined for fame, wealth and glory. But this prize won’t be won until the rest have gone, taken by the guns that will shatter the silence again and again, ending their walk for the final time. Who will win and who will fall?          

While most didn’t realize the connection between Bachman and King, many readers were instantly drawn to the author who was able to build such detailed mental images with his pen. Taking the core idea of the Long Walk and allowing the story to build on its main point in such a way leaves one physically cringing. And the point of this story is all about despair.

Each of the characters, whether mainstream or extra, can be felt within the pages. The hopelessness that envelops the boys is spelt out with such a gripping style that you can feel the terror as they drop below the walking pace. The atmosphere carries well from page to page, never relinquishing it’s hold.

Although somewhat predictable, the ending is still a surprise, albeit a culmination of the previous tension you experience. There were times when I actually felt like I was walking amongst them, desperate to keep pace as the guards monitored from behind. And that’s what a great story is about for me.

Book Details

Title: The Long Walk
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1501144264

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