The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan - Book Review

The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan - Book Review

“The Eye of the World” opens like any other high fantasy epic. We have Rand, the farm boy, who hails from a small rural community in the Twin Rivers; far away from the magic and mayhem of the kingdom’s more cruel and mystical places.

Almost at the start of the book, Rand is of course… attacked by monsters and thrown headfirst into a world of knights, mages, sorcery and all kinds of world-ending themes.

He then recruits some of his friends from the little sleepy town they live in and embark on a quest across the world. Along the way, they make friends with rogues, bards and the usual fantasy lot. They meet lots of magical creatures, hear myths, get into trouble and visit old cursed ruins.

By the end of the book, Rand and his friends have gone a world away from their humble village to the ends of the world in order to save it.

Book Details

Title: The Eye of the World
Format: Hardcover
Author: Robert Jordan
Language : English
Publisher : Tor Books
ISBN: 0312850093

Robert Jordan is a phenomenal writer. “The Eye of the World” opens up a brand-new world of fantasy. It’s the same tropes but tweaked to make them interesting. Aes Sedai are the keepers of the magic, all women, because any man who controls magic loses their mind and tries to destroy the world. It’s a cool concept.

The story is a little vague, but it, kind of, makes sense. Basically, a man who harnesses magic, rises to power, destroys the world, and the Wheel of Time starts over. To what end, I have no idea. But Jordan paints a captivating story of friendship, adventure, responsibility, and young boys coming of age under the harshest circumstances.

It’s gripping from beginning to end – though the end is a little wonky. I give it 8/10. I will read the next installments in the series.

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