The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Book Review

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Book Review

Written in 1925 by F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby started off as a slow seller.

It was only post-World War II, after the author’s demise, did the book rise to prominence as one of the greatest American classics.

We all know that its movie adaption turned out to be highly successful with the mighty Leonardo di Caprio at the helm.

Set in the summer of 1922 in fictitious West Egg and East Egg on the wealthy Long Island, The Great Gatsby tells a story of a mysterious young millionaire who is famous for throwing flamboyant parties at his grand mansion.

However, he is never seen at his parties and most people don’t know the man at all. Gatsby rose from rags to riches but has a secret past.

Narrated by Nick Carraway, an acquaintance of Gatsby’s, it is one of the greatest love stories that end in tragedy. The protagonist’s love interest, Daisy Buchanan, was initially engaged to him when he was poor but ends up marrying Tom Buchanan, a careless wealthy man after Gatsby is posted overseas during the war. Tom eventually neglects her to pursue another woman.

Still madly in love with Daisy, Gatsby arranges to meet her by manipulating Nick Carraway. Daisy meets Gatsby after several years at one of his parties and what ensues is an inevitable sequence of rekindled love. Of course, the affair leads to an adverse consequence with the Great Gatsby making the ultimate sacrifice.

The Great Gatsby is not only about a great love story, but it also portrays the hollowness of the life of wealthy people, most of whom are careless and disloyal.

The novel doesn’t make you hate the wealthy for getting away with their carelessness and selfishness but rather makes you pity them. Fitzgerald has written the story with an almost poetic tone which is very enjoyable to read.

The Great Gatsby is an American classic that deserves to be featured in your must-read list.

Book Details

Title: The Great Gatsby
Format: Paperback
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Language : English
Publisher : Martino Fine Books
ISBN: 978-1684224845

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