GoPro Hero 4 - Review

GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4 - Review

GoPro never fails to deliver new generations of the beloved camera GoPro Hero that can shoot videos and photos. It surpasses its predecessors in certain aspects. For instance, it can record slow-motion footage at 240 frames per second with an extremely high resolution reaching 1080p.

It is also waterproof down to 40 meters with 12MP resolution, and the audio has improved than before. It is rated as the best camera device as it has a built-in touch-screen with great features that accepts LCD BacPac.


The design of the GoPro Hero 4 is more advanced and sleeker than the past version. The best upgrade is the battery compartment design as it is dropping into the bottom instead of sliding in the back.

If you own a previous generation of GoPro Hero, you cannot use their batteries. Fortunately, the new Lithium-ion battery is 1100mAh, which allows you to record a high-quality video for almost two hours.

Another change in the design is the position of the activity lights that became alongside the monochrome display. However, the camera has the same dimensions as the Hero 3, so if you have one and already have mounts or housings for it, you don’t have to buy new ones.

We sometimes struggle with finding a certain photo or video while browsing the gallery. However, with the tagging feature that works automatically after you hit the capture button, you can easily find the photo when using GoPro’s free application.

Furthermore, this button can help you access the settings menu, which is modified and better organized than before. For example, if you are shooting a video and you want a certain option, the settings for the video only will appear.

You will still need to connect your camera to various devices, so the designers didn’t forget to add some slots for MicroHDMI, Mini-USB that is used for charging, transferring data to the memory card, or to attach a 3.5mm mic cable to connect a high-quality external microphone, and a microSD port.

Video and Audio Quality

Developers upgraded the low-light recording abilities of the GoPro Hero 4, so it can take photos during light hours as well as at nighttime with the help of night lapse. You can adjust the frame rates according to the lighting conditions and whether you are recording indoors or outdoors.

This device has the ability to make videos without noise in addition to offering different fields of view. This is beneficial according to the area you want to shoot, where you can choose between Narrow, Medium, Ultra-Wide, and SuperView.


A Wide/Ultra-Wide frame is the default angle of GoPro, where its wide perspective provides a lot of fisheye distortion. This is more visible in straight lines because they become curved or when the subjects closer to the camera become emphasized. Accordingly, avoid using it in photographing people.

Medium and Narrow

If you want the photo to appear zoomed-in, you should go for the medium frame. However, it is not an optical zoom but a digital crop. In case you desire the photo to be more cropped, try the narrow field of vision.


A more exaggerated form of the Wide/UltraWide view is the SuperView. The aspect ratio here is 16:9, which is produced from squashing the regular ratio. Accordingly, the outcome will be quite distorted and abnormally wide. This field of view can be adjusted from special shooting modes, not from the FOV settings.


At first, Hero 4 didn’t have the Linear field of view as it was a recent addition to the latest releases. Photographers use this option for footage taken from aerial drones to correct fisheye distortion and overemphasized horizon curves. Even though it is also a digital crop not optical, you will get straighter lines in the end.

Another good feature is the ability to edit the footage by connecting Hero 4 to different devices like laptops or phones. That way, you will get the perfect video or photo after applying the necessary adjustments. This is especially beneficial for professional photographers because they want the outcome to be unscathed.


The previous GoPro Hero versions offer Wi-Fi connectivity to be connected to many devices. However, Hero 4 has a newly installed Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to get connected to iOS platforms. This helps when you want a wider view, adjust major settings, and acquire easy remote access to various features. Moreover, you will be able to view the recordings before live streaming them.

Difference Between Black and Silver

GoPro Hero 4 comes in two versions; Black and Silver, while Silver being the cheaper one. Even though both of them can shoot 4K footages, the Black’s camera can achieve a higher quality video.

This is because Black records at 30 frames per second and can be raised to 120fps at 1080, while the Silver can do 15 frames per second, and raised to 60fps only. When it comes to photos, they both have the same features as they use the same sensor. On the other hand, you may notice slight misalignments in a photo taken by the Silver Hero 4.


Hero 4 comes with a MicroSD card that stores up to 64 GB. Accordingly, you can record and store videos of high-quality. This means that videos can be almost five hours, and the memory card won’t complain. This is a great capacity, especially if you are traveling around and unable to transfer footages as soon as you take them.


No matter how durable the camera is, you have to take good care of it to protect it against scratching and breakage. That being said, you have to keep the plastic housing on the camera at all times. Before going underwater, ensure that the rubber lining is completely clean.

Last but not least, secure the locking bolt tightly. If you want to transfer your data, use the USB cable, and avoid removing the card because you might lose it.

If the camera is wet, wait for it to dry and never turn it on because you may damage internal parts. When it is snowing or raining, do not use the camera no matter how tempting the scenery is. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drop the camera or leave it on a hard surface.

When you attempt cleaning the housing, you should follow a certain simple technique. First of all, rinse it under fresh water and leave it to self-dry. A huge mistake that many people make is drying it with a piece of cloth. This is because the lint may break the seal and prevent it from being secured later on. Accordingly, water may get into the camera and damage it completely.

If you want a tool to record crystal clear videos, GoPro Hero 4 will do as you wish. It has an updated design and some better features than its predecessors. It is also not an expensive option if you are on a limited budget.

The fact that it produces high-quality footage with high recording speed makes it even more compelling. Moreover, you do not have to purchase new accessories. Like the professionals rate it, it is one of the best action cameras.

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