GoPro HERO 7 Digital Action Camera - Review

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro HERO 7 Digital Action Camera - Review

In September 2018, GoPro released the GoPro Hero 7 in three basic colors: black, white, and silver, with the black being the optimal version of the camera, and the white and silver are the downgraded version of it.

Simply put, this is an action camera that is worth every penny due to features like video stabilization, a wide range of mounts, and so on. While other cameras share similar features to this one, like the DJI Osmo Action and Olympus Tough TG-5, this has become a personal favorite for several people. This review will explore in detail why so.

Different Versions and Key Features

As mentioned earlier, the three different versions of this camera have different specs. The black Hero 7 is the most premium model, which was initially released at $399, while the silver one is a mid-tier camera, which has all the specs and features of the premium one save for the HyperSmooth feature, due to being capped at 10-megapixel photos which don’t look better compared to the 12-megapixel photos of the black Hero 7.

That is why it was priced at $299. On the other hand, the white Hero 7 is an entry-level camera that is priced at $199 with a 10-megapixel sensor. Most of the features of the Hero 7 are in the white version, except for the 4k video feature. The black version also has key features that don't exist in the other two cameras, like live streaming, TimeWarp video, and the HyperSmooth feature.


Like the Hero 5 Black, Hero 7 has a rubberized design that looks sleek and smooth, though it looks more similar to the Hero 6 Black when compared to it side by side. Both cameras also have the same 2-inch touch screen and button placement. It also has the same port placement in the Hero 6 Black (USB-C and micro HDMI) and the same replaceable batteries.

It has two buttons with which you can control the camera. If you like Hero 6 Black, then you might like this one even more, especially with its upgraded features. You could use your old accessories if you had a GoPro camera before. For example, mounts, adapters, and cages of Hero 5 and 6 will work on Hero 7. In addition to that, GoPro 7 is also waterproof, which means you won’t have to deal with any plastic housing to protect your camera.



This camera has a built-in GPS, which you won’t really find in other cameras on the market with similar features. Although not everyone cares about a built-in GPS in their camera, it is still a key feature for many people who like to add telemetry data to their video/ photos and embed locations to their photos without having to do so manually.

Live Streaming

GoPro seven is one of the cameras that support live streaming, a feature that was uncommon in cameras back in 2018. That is an important feature for those who like to stream a lot, especially when traveling. Other cameras, like the DJI Osmo Action, for example, do not support this feature, which can be disadvantageous for vloggers.

Add Tags to Your Video

Filming a video requires a lot of effort when you’re doing the editing, so making this process easier for you is going to save a lot of time and effort. The GoPro seven is great in that regard. It helps you add tags on your videos, so when you’re editing them with programs like Quick, for instance, it will instantly know where the best moments are and edit your footage automatically.

You can add tags as you film when pressing the mode button, which is located at the bottom right side of the camera. If you don’t like to add tags as you’re filming, you can add them later when viewing the footage.

A Vast Amount of Accessories

The Hero series is well known for its vast number of accessories, which you can get either from first or thirds parties. Usually, people opt to buy accessories such as camera bags, straps, camera kits, and mounts from third parties at affordable prices rather than going for GoPro's products. Of course, the subject of quality and longevity is debatable, but you’ll pretty much have access to accessories both online and at any retailer store.


Rubber Texture Is Not a Favorite Among People

If you look at other premium cameras on the market, you’ll find that they look significantly better with a metal, sleek casing, irrespective of the color. The texture of the rubber of the Hero 7 isn’t really the best out there, as you’ll start to see markings and slight scratches within the first few months of usage.

Many people would argue that when buying a camera, you shouldn’t look for the cosmetic appeal as much as you should its specs and features, but then again if you’re spending a decent amount of money on a premium device, you would want it to look unblemished and clean at least for the first year of usage.

Low Shutter Speed

When you go to the settings of the Hero 7, you’ll find that it only has a maximum exposure of 30 seconds, which won’t help you take these long exposure photos at night. Other models have their shutter speed capped at 120 seconds, which enables them to take nice shots as long as they want.

No Cooling Vents

Most cameras that allow 4k 60fps filming have a cooling vent, which can really be useful when you’re filming for an extended amount of time. Your camera can get warm pretty quickly and cooling vents will take off some of that heat and emit it out. Unfortunately, Hero 7 doesn’t have a cooling vent, which can be problematic if you’re planning on shooting for hours. However, if you’re not, that won’t be much of a problem.

Who’s This Camera For


This camera was designed with vloggers’ needs in mind. If you tend to film videos for hours on end, you’ll need a sturdy camera with a durable battery to get the nice footages you want.

You might also want to buy this camera with a bundle that includes extra batteries (because let’s face it, even the biggest of batteries may not be enough for vloggers), straps, and camera bags. You also won’t have to worry about shaky footage, as the stabilization feature will grant you smooth footage no matter where you’re using the camera, which will eventually omit the need for a tripod.


While filming with this camera offers no jaw-dropping quality when it comes to filming, it is still one of the best cameras that sports enthusiasts and adventurers can use. This camera will go pretty well with any activity you do out in the wild. It is ideal for filming in inclement weather conditions, as it’s shock-resistant, water-resistant, dust-resistant, and wind-resistant, so it will be an ideal camera to use if you’re filming while it’s raining.

While there might be some downsides to using this camera, it is safe to say that you will find the pros make up for it. Nevertheless, make sure that you view the full specs of this camera, including the other two models, and decide which one will work best for you. Now, this camera costs around $200, which is considered moderate compared to other cameras that have similar specs.

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