World of Warcraft: Legion by Blizzard Entertainment - Game Review

World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion by Blizzard Entertainment - Game Review

World of Warcraft Classic

The game that started it all, the first installment of the most successful MMORPG franchise; this is the game that brought millions of people together to explore, fight, and brave through different dungeons and raids.

The classic game itself was available on private servers and a lot of people loved it. But, when Activision-Blizzard announced that they will bring back Vanilla WoW, it blew everyone's mind, because, in the past, they weren't inclined to do it.

Players everywhere logged in, even those that had quit several years ago, came back; they returned home and tried to relive their amazing memories from their early years of playing WoW.

As exciting as it was, the aftermath of the first week was expected. Most servers were unplayable and had a lot of login problems; this was expected, due to the sheer popularity of Vanilla WoW and the millions logging in to check it out.

With the extremely long queue times, the sudden disconnects brought even more queue times, and the buggy glitches that happen randomly, it was still an amazing game and so many people had fun. These gamers are still enjoying their time today.

The amazing aspect that I loved about this game is that you got to meet up with old friends that you haven't seen online in several years. That alone can make everything feel a lot better. The game created a community, several years ago, and it is currently creating an existing one now; it might be people with different mentalities, but it's still great to see everyone socializing and having great moments, which I believe you can't have while playing the retail version of it.

The game itself is extremely hard; I don't recall it being so difficult back in 2004 and 2005. I didn't have enough time to try out every class, but I tried Ret Paladin, Prot Warrior, and Frost Mage. There is a huge difference between these classes and it is insane how their leveling plans can make a difference to your goals.

For example, leveling my warrior was extremely hard; it's considered to be one of the hardest classes to play and level, before hitting level 60. They are super dependent on their health and rage; you don't have a lot of skills or spells to heal yourself. The problem is that you kind of need warriors for raiding, because they are considered to be the top-tier classes when it comes to numbers and results.

My Mage was extremely easy compared to warriors, when it came to leveling; you can pretty much cast, on an entire pack, spells such as slow and kite, and then blast them away. You have an unlimited supply of food, so you don't have to worry about that.

Furthermore, due to their design, you might not get hit a lot anyways, if you play it right and run away from stuff. They were extremely annoying in PvP too, so if you were on a PvP server, then you'd have a lot of fun in the open to do some world PvP.

Rets were good in my opinion, despite having a reputation for being bad and weak. The way I see it is, if you know how to play it properly and get everything right, then you should be fine. If you managed to get a hold of someone to attack and stunned them at the correct time, you would come out winning the fight without question.

I personally loved leveling a Ret and I had spells that can keep me protected and healed in tight situations. The sad part is that they aren't considered top-tier and many guilds or raid leaders frown upon having them in a raid, but it wasn't as bad as before. The meme and stereotyping just keeps bringing them down, too much. However, if someone skilled can play it right, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I LOVED exploring and traveling the world again. So many people hated this and thought it took a long time, but I adored watching the scenery and seeing so many things. Exploring is my thing, so doing that while questing was great. I have to admit though, at some point it can get a little frustrating, especially if you're on a quest chain that takes you back and forth all the time and through different continents.

The community had two major ways to level, questing or dungeon farming; the choice was up to you and it depended on your mood and needs. I dabbled in countless hours of Scarlet Monastery farming, but at some point, I had to switch things up and keep it fresh.

Not going to lie, I still haven't reached level 60 on all my alts, just my main Ret and I have to say the leveling experience is really the best thing about this game. I felt something was missing when I hit 60 and I wanted to do it again.

Phase two, which consisted of honor farming, changed things; I played more on my main and tried to honor farm, but it's difficult when you're in a server that has more Horde players than Alliance. If you are leveling during this period, then you're going to have a problem in most areas, because people are always honor farming and trying to kill you.

But then again, it's still a lot of fun and you get to do the same, which is killing other players, too.

Raiding was interesting; it wasn't as difficult as I had remembered, but maybe because we've changed and adapted over the years that things have become easier for us to finish quickly. I'll be honest, I tried it a couple of times then stopped, because I wanted to have fun leveling again or honor farming. That's the beauty of this game; you can do whatever you like.

Listening to the music, getting the old models and textures back, grouping up with people to do difficult quests, has been the highlight of this game. I give it a 10/10 without a doubt, and I strongly recommend that you give it a try.

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