Warcraft III Reforged - Game Review

Warcraft III Reforged

Warcraft III Reforged - Game Review

Every single die-hard gamer got super excited the moment they heard that they were going to remake one of the most iconic games ever; the nostalgia swept us all off the floor because this game is still one of the all-time favorites for a lot of people.

It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years; people spent hours creating maps, building teams, joining clans, participating in tournaments, and much more. I waited to see the game for myself and try it out, and the question is did it live up to the hype?

I'd hate to start bashing the game from the get-go, even though so many countless opinions and reviews have surfaced and most of them were negative. I don't blame the reviewers since most people felt disappointed or devastated to see their game tarnished.

However, it doesn't have to remain that way; I believe that once Activision-Blizzard sees the backlash from the players, they will definitely make some changes. Well, at least I hope they do. What made so many people disappointed is that ever since the launch, you can't play the old-school game anymore, because it will automatically redirect you to the battle net and you'd have to update.

I am not sure if anyone found a way to bypass that yet. I think Activision-Blizzard wanted to cover their tracks, so it doesn't lose another lawsuit with the whole Dota debacle.

The problem is that we as human beings don't take change too well. We get angry and lash out, which is understandable because this game holds a special place in our hearts. I think the issues that got a lot of people angry were the bugs, and no, I am not talking about the Nubians.

It was clear that the game was rushed, even if they delayed the launch. It is quite evident, from all the reports and my personal experiences, that these bugs were an extreme letdown and ruined the launch significantly. Examples of these problems include disconnects, the sudden defeat page that pops up even before the mission starts, the glitches with the character models, custom games ruined, old saves and disappearing maps, and the list goes on and on.

Now, bad stuff aside, I want to talk about some of the good things. I think the art and the animation department did an excellent job, even though I'm an old-school type of person. I still got that rush I felt many years ago, I still felt excited to see the upgraded versions of every character and the unique building models.

The Humans, Elves, Horde, and the Undead had a special game twist. Some of the things that were present in the old game weren’t there in the new one; you can clearly see the difference between Human and Elven units and buildings, too. Due to the issue with several bugs, I wasn't able to see every single thing just yet, but what I saw was pretty amazing.

Several people were disappointed that they didn't redo ever cinematic or cut scene, but the company did say that beforehand. It must have been budget and time constraints, but I didn't really feel deceived about this particular issue. However, the new cut-scene with Arthas and Illidan was updated, but for some reason, I kind of liked the old one.

I'm not saying the new one was bad, but it didn't get to me like the old one for some reason. The cut-scenes were long and great, more storytelling was involved, with their encounter. So, it wasn't too bad.

I was upset with certain changes, in the cut-scenes, at the beginning and end of each mission; it's similar to the old version with the portrait window, even though they showed us something different with that teaser clip for Stratholme. But since I'm old-school, I still liked it, made me remember how old the game was.

The maps weren't changed as far as I could see, except for the textures and graphics. I did see some notable changes in the Stratholme map and the missions at Silvermoon, but as a remake, do we really need a complete change of the maps? I don't think there should have been so many map changes, so I wasn't personally upset about that.

Portraits looked amazing, they actually moved and you can see them talking. I was afraid it was going to be like the beta footage with just their heads bobbing around, so that was very nice.

Also, I did see a change in some roars or battle cries, some dialogue voices were slightly tweaked too. I played this game so many times, over the years, so I remember these small details. These changes weren't bad, I just got used to the old ones, so it felt kind of odd. There weren't any major changes to the fighting animations, very little from what I could tell; with the change of the models though, it still made it look awesome.

I noticed there was an option for less violence. However, I didn't get a chance to test that out because it was grayed out for me, maybe it was a bug from my end or something. I did notice there were changes in mission difficulty. I remember some of them taking me over 4 hours to finish, years ago, but I finished them in less time. So, they might have tweaked some things to make it applicable to today's gamers.

It's been a bumpy start, most launches don't start off well; I think it has become a trend when it comes to games. I just hope they make some of the needed fixes and changes to make people happier; this game is like a national treasure for people and I'd hate to see its legacy brought down.

Because of the bad start, I'd give this reforged version a 7/10; I hope I could change my mind later along the road. If you want nostalgia and got a bit of money to spare, then try it out.

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