Welcome to London


Welcome to London

London is one of the most popular touristic cities around the world. As many as 30 million people, from all over the world, make their way to “The Big Smoke” every single year. The UK has a rich history full of cultural advances that is incomparable to several other countries around the world.

London holds a huge chunk of all that history and culture, as it is a hub for people from all over the world. It can be a little overwhelming at first, to see just how cosmopolitan the English city really is, but once you start going for a little bit sight-seeing, you will find that it is a sparkling gem like no other.

If you are planning to visit the cloudy European city, then you would need to spend some time researching in advance, as there are tons of things to do in London. The first thing you should know about London is its weather. Unlike what many people might think, the English city is not actually that cold. In fact, when compared with other European and Western cities, it pales in comparison.

If you are visiting during the summer, do not be deceived by the low-temperature digits you might see on the news, as it can be extremely stuffy. When it is time for winter, it can get a little chilly and snow might even fall on certain days, but it is not a frequent occurrence. Christmas in London is one of the best things you can experience, though it can be incredibly busy during that time.

When it comes to places you can visit in London, the list is endless. The most famous attraction in the city is perhaps the London Eye. The eye can be found on the South Bank of the Thames River and you can pretty much see it wherever you may stand on the Thames. It lights up in the evening in a mesmerizing scene and you can see the occasional light changes during special events.

The highlight event of the city happens on New Year’s Eve, as hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals pour into the city to observe the countdown and firework displays. Going to the top of the eye is not as exciting as it sounds. Sure, it provides ease of great picture taking, especially if you are lucky enough to get a whole carriage to yourself. But as a general idea, it is not that special.

On a good day, you would be able to see a big chunk of London from the top, but as the city is pretty much cloudy, almost all year long, that might be a rare event.

Another big attraction in the city is the Covent Garden. It is not as much a garden as it is one big hub for shopping and entertainment in the heart of London. If you are really looking to experience the retail side of England, then this should definitely be on the top of your bucket list. Covent Garden is filled with restaurants, clothing shops as well as souvenir stands, wherever you look.

There is also a small museum showing the history of transport within the city, as well as the Royal Opera House where you can get a little taste of sophisticated culture. You can have a similar experience in Camden Market right by the Regent’s Canal. The market is located right at the heart of Camden Town and is hustling and bustling all day and night throughout the year.

While in central London, right by Westminster in particular, you will find a whole lot of touristic landmarks that are a must-go-to for anyone taking a trip to the English city; starting with Big Ben, which is currently under reconstruction, and moving on to Westminster Abbey and the London Bridge.

You do not even have to enter any of these places if you are not a fan of crowded spaces or simply not interested. You can alternatively book a boat trip down the Thames where you would see all the interesting landmarks, in the area, and pass by the three most famous London bridges, the Westminster Bridge, London Tower Bridge, and The Millenium Bridge (where numerous movie scenes were shot).

Walking away from Westminster and onto the more Royal history of the city, you will find Buckingham Palace. If you are a fan of TV dramas about the royal family, then you cannot miss this spot. It is the official residence of the monarch and it is quite a site to visit. If you go at the right times in the morning and locate yourself right by the gates, you will be able to see the cool display of the guard changing.

Yes, the myth is true; no matter what you do in front of the royal palace guards, they will not flinch, not even a little. After the guards change, there is a little musical show at the palace front yard that changes on a daily basis, so it would literally be a once in a lifetime experience. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch a glance of a member of the royal family in one of the many windows of the palace.

If museums are your calling, then London would be the perfect city for you. With 170 museums in the capital, you are never really too far off from a museum wherever you go in the city. There are museums about pretty much anything and everything historical and cultural.

From royal museums to artistic ones and museums made just to preserve souvenirs from movies and famous series. It is always fun for family trips to visit museums as there is something for everyone regardless of their age group.

When you think of London, you should also think of luxury and fancy experiences. For those with a slightly larger budget, you can experience a whole new London full of extravagance. You can start by booking yourself a room or even a suite at one of its hundreds of five-star hotels that overlook the whole city.

One of the most famous locations where celebrities and millionaires often prefer is the Shard. It is one tall building right by the Thames where you can see all of London from the top. Tourists pay tickets just to go all the way up and enjoy the view, but you can also book a room there and have the view all for yourself. You can also enjoy luxurious nights out on private boats in the river Thames or right by its bank where you can really taste the English cuisine and have Michelin star chefs prepare your dinner.

London is a city of everything. Whether you want history, culture, art, or luxury, you are guaranteed to find something that fits your taste. Although the city can be a little pricey for those on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a nice trip to the capital without having to spend a fortune by simply walking by the main touristic attractions. If your budget allows it, however, make full use of that and indulge yourself in the full English experience that London has to offer.

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