End of Watch: A Novel by Stephen King

End of Watch

End of Watch: A Novel by Stephen King

Bill and Holly have finally opened the doors to the Finders Keepers Detective Agency, ready to answer the calls of desperate clients.

But when a string of seemingly unconnected suicides begin to occur, Bill begins to suspect that there’s more to them after discovering the single connection that ties them all together.

Despite being confined to a hospital bed, Brady Hartsfield is somehow linked to each of these latest deaths, Hodges the only one suspecting his old adversary.

Suspecting Brady of faking the intensity of his injuries, Bill begins to taunt his rival, hoping to invoke a response that will prove his theory.

But Bill is fighting his own race, now battling a silent killer living inside him. With the clock ticking down and a killer appearing to control the minds of those around him, can the detective prevent another slaughter before it’s too late? 

Book Details

Title: End of Watch
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Scribner
ISBN: 1501129740

The final chapter of the Bill Hodges trilogy is one worthy of your attention. It makes you want to see the sage through to the end, finally putting to rest the battle between the original characters. King researched the trilogy well, the police procedure, terms and believability of the story all coming together in perfect harmony.

While the ending may not be as unpredictable as I hoped for, it settled the story in a way that few books can; by ending it with a mix of emotions that saw me angry, happy and sad all at the same time.

I’ve read the trilogy a second time since my initial outing and can say that there were more things I didn’t notice on my first go-around. If, like me, you don’t mind a repeat performance, be prepared for some previously undiscovered gold. A worthy ending. 

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