The Wastelands (The Dark Tower 3) by Stephen King - Book Review

The Wastelands (The Dark Tower 3)

The Wastelands (The Dark Tower 3) by Stephen King - Book Review

Continuing five weeks after the end of the Drawing of the Three, Roland, Jake, Eddie and Susannah continue their journey towards the fabled Dark Tower.

The newcomers slowly continue to adapt to their new lives in Roland’s world, each becoming more aware f the roles they would play in future events. After discovering one of the mystical beams known to hold the world together, the ka-tet defeat its guardian, confirming their skills in combat.

But as Roland slowly begins to lose his sense of reality, the group begins to lose focus, unaware that another must make the journey into this new world. With time running out for the newcomer to safely cross and Roland slipping further into madness, can Eddie and Susannah save find the key to saving their ka-tet?  

While Book 2, The Drawing of the Three, was astounding in every sense of the word, Book 3 simply continues with the same gripping tale that made the second so fantastic. It’s a worthy successor to keep the reader engrossed in Roland’s quest, the sense of adventure never dulling.

I found myself reading many chapters at a time, unable to close the book for fear of losing that sense of inclusion one feels with such a story.

And that’s exactly what makes not just this book, but the entire series, so incredible. The way it makes you feel part of the story, like you are right there, standing beside Roland and his gang, part of their ka-tet. It draws you in in much the way Eddie, Susannah and Jake were pulled in.

While the rest of the series is still waiting for you to explore it, rest easy knowing that you can always return to it. I know I do. Many times. 

Book Details

Title: The Wastelands (The Dark Tower 3)
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King
Language : English
Publisher : Scribner
ISBN: 1501143549

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