A Quiet Place - Movie Review

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place - Movie Review

Horror movies have become too stale lately that we are all ready to give up on them. However, every once in a while, comes along a good movie that restores our faith in this genre. Krasinski’s A Quiet Place is a well-made film that doesn’t depend on people eating each other, ghost possessions, or scary voices. It will also make you feel involved that you will tip-toe just like the characters in the movie.

The script is by John Krasinski and co-written with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. Emily Blunt starred as Krasinski’s wife, and they had three kids. The eldest one was deaf in the movie as well as in real life. It is only fair to give people with disabilities a chance to be on-screen and to feel included. We knew that this was a post-apocalyptic movie when Day 89 was written on a piece of paper.

The apocalypse came because of some sort of aliens or creatures invasion that they didn’t get into detail about. However, one significant thing about them was that they are attracted to sounds but can’t see. That’s why everyone should remain silent throughout the movie. It is hard to imagine a silent world, and almost everything produces some sort of noise, even walking.

Watching the movie was exciting even though it had almost no dialogue. We didn’t need conversations to convey the characters’ emotions nor needs. The cast’s acting skills let us know what they felt and what they wanted to say.

They communicated with each other through sign language that they have already learned long ago to communicate with the girl with impaired hearing. In other words, the daughter’s disability aided in the family’s survival in this new silent world.

Emily Blunt was pregnant in the movie, so imagine a woman giving birth in a place threatened by any sound. It is horrifying to think about it! That’s why her husband has been trying to find a way for a while to end the apocalypse. He knew that if she gave birth, either her scream or the baby’s, will give their location away.

The movie was shot in a house on a farm that looks familiar as if you have lived there yourself. They did their chores, studied, and moved on with their lives as if there were no looming danger. In one scene, the wife stepped on a nail, and we could see the agony on her face because she cannot even express the pain.

The storytelling is impressive, and the movie was coherent until the end. Krasinski considered every shot before attempting it and stayed away from any scenes that would resemble a cheap thriller. For instance, there was no shaky camera work or a sudden dark scene, but we were involved in everything. However, jump-scares were quite common, but it didn’t really annoy us because they were a reminder that this was a horror movie.

The movie magnified the importance of family and parenthood. We saw how the parents cared for the kids without making them useless or helpless. It was nice to see a bit of our normal lives when the daughter thought that her father hated her.

Even in a world threatened by monsters, humans will still care about what their parents think. No matter where we are, we will always remain attached to our emotions and humanity.

If you dig deeper into the movie, many questions will pop into your head. For instance, if there is no way to end these creatures, will they keep on living that way? In a world where we rely on noise to express ourselves, it will be hard to stay silent. However, in the future, the next generations may not need a voice at all.

They may be born without the ability to talk or hear because these senses will be useless. This is just like how animals in nature adapt to their surroundings and change what they are.

A Quiet Place is a classic that went back to the basics where the audience would be engaged because of the story. We even grew attached to the characters and wanted the family to be fine even if the apocalypse didn’t end.

We were not afraid of the hideous creatures but rather terrified that any one of them might make any sound. The ending was heartfelt and will give you a sad but calm feeling. This movie deserves to be seen and labeled as one of the best horror movies in the last years.

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