Friends - Season 1 - TV Series Review

Friends - Season 1

Friends - Season 1 - TV Series Review

I don’t think anybody ever liked Season 1 of Friends, you have to watch it, but it was kind of awkward. Even though Friends is a phenomenal show and everybody’s all-time favorite TV; the first season was just weird. I think it started off having the coffee shop “Central Perk” as the main location which made kind of sense since the rise of coffee addiction in America and amongst our generation.

Coffee was cool but we love friends because they sit at home and do nothing together. It’s a casual romantic comedy, you do not want to start it off with a lot of sexy jokes and metaphors.

The characters of the show are so well written but in the first season, you get the feeling that they’re just fresh blooded actors trying to get into character. It’s like a trial. No matter how many times I go back to watching Friends, I am never really attracted to watching season 1.

However, the more I “had to” watch it, the more it kind of grew on me. It’s like I am watching each one of them re-discover their own character till the feeling gets familiar. It makes me a little nostalgic about my reality and my friends’ reality.

As all the elements in the show weren’t very successful, the first season brings the worst out of everybody’s soon-to-be our most admirable personality traits. We get to know Rachel’s background story and see her suffer trying to become more independent.

The bond between her, Monica, and Pheobe begins to shape up by the girl’s night in that Monica hosts. We also get to know very weird facts about Phoebe’s life and background; about how she functions in the middle of the chaos happening in New York city in that Era. And Monica, our neat freak friend who loves to cook and organize everything around her including her friends’ lives.

The males of the show, on the other hand, begin showing off their testosterone and insecurities, like all boys in the world. Even the way they dress was often odd and not very relatable to their characters on the show.

Joey is an underground actor wannabe who always needs support from friends but can get around with girls just fine. Then Chandler moves in with him and a very cool “bro” bond forms up between them as they help Ross, their friend and Monica’s brother, try to get over his divorce. It will make you laugh at their pain and with them. You will love the whole show but the first season is essential to watch!

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