Grey’s Anatomy Season Nine - 2013 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Nine - 2013

Grey’s Anatomy Season Nine - 2013 - Review

Season nine of Grey’s Anatomy starts off a month after last seasons’ devastating plane crash. Mark Sloan is being taken off life support as per his request, and Callie and Derek are seen by his bedside mourning his death. Given that this is an entire month later, we see major changes from the characters.

For one, Meredith Grey is now a general surgeon fellow, and with a set of new interns, they call her Medusa. She is the one who follows Bailey’s footsteps as she used to be called the Nazi. Bailey however is called BCB as whenever Ben Warren calls, she is there. 

The set of new interns is mostly bright, but the audience does not get to see much of a background for them. Albeit, since the show is expanding, it would be a little bit more interesting if Shonda delves deeper and gives them a richer backstory. 

The five doctors who are alive after the plane crash decide to not take the settlement money and investigate the reason why the plane crashed. Although they found out, the suit was pinned on the hospital itself and had to shut down the emergency room. Of course, since this is a teaching/level one trauma hospital, there is no trauma surgery without there being an emergency room.

A company called Pegasus makes an offer for Seattle Grace Mercy West to buy the hospital and sell it for parts. The five surviving doctors feel very guilty, and decide to put up all the money they took from the settlement to buy the hospital back. That money is not enough, and Catherine Avery takes money from the Avery foundation, and puts up the rest of the money to buy the hospital. 

With that, the hospital sees a complete transformation, including the name itself which becomes Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as tribute for Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan. This is extremely fitting as the show seems to be heading into a new era with fresh new storylines and cast members. 

This season was not extremely remarkable like previous seasons. Cristina leaves and comes back, Callie and Arizona have multiple fights and Arizona cheats on Callie, and Meredith finally has a baby of her own in the middle of a storm who she calls Ellis.

One interesting plot, however, was that Bailey had worn faulty gloves and caused several patients to get infected. This led to Bailey having OCD, locking herself up, and not wanting to operate. Her first time operating however after that incident was the season finale as Meredith was bleeding out after her birth.

Overall, there was nothing extra exciting this season, the plot and stories fell a little short, but the actors continued to act their parts well. This season gets an overall rating of 7.5/10.

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