Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Movie Review

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Movie Review

This is yet another film that’s based on a Novel. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is a film that has issues according to the opinions of some critics. In my opinion, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not as good as the original movie but it’s dreamy, smart and tells a really interesting story.

Tim Burton made this film a little darker and creepier than you’d normally expect, but I feel like the darkness is what makes it very cool.

The film's many memorable characters were performed by stars like Johnny Depp (Willy Wonka), Helena Bonham (Mrs. Bucket), David Kelly (Grandpa Joe) and a few very talented kids, including Freddie Highmore (Charlie Bucket), Annasofia Rob (Violet), Jordan Fry (Mike), Philip Weigratz (Augustus)  and Julia Winter (Veruca).

The film starts with Willy Wonka having a competition where he placed golden tickets inside his famous chocolate bars for kids to find. Those who find them will be able to enter Willy’s humongous chocolate factory, which is every kid’s dream come true.

Charlie is a poor kid whose dad works at a toothpaste factory and comes home every night to give Charlie the ruined Toothpaste caps so he can build his very own chocolate factory at home -the kid is that obsessed with Willy Wonka!

Charlie’s Grandpa Joe, who in the film used to work in the factory a really long time ago, tells Charlie stories about the factory and wonders how it’s still operating even though nobody works there anymore because of Willy’s competitors stealing his recipes which only led to the factory becoming less important or special.

Anyway, the problem is, Charlie is so poor that he can’t afford to buy Willy’s chocolate, he only gets one on his birthday and so it would be very hard for him to win that competition and become of the few kids to visit the mysterious factory.

Once Wonka lets the word out that he’s picking only 5 children to go to the tour. The world goes mad. Parents who pamper their kids in a spoiling way end up buying supermarkets full of Chocolate bars, and children tend to get really greedy and weird. Charlie on the other hand only gets one bar -an early birthday gift.

The film shows us that those who won are actually the weirdest kids of all; one that won’t stop eating, an athlete that gets obsessed with being the best at anything and everything like chewing gum, a smartass gamer that says "retards" can figure out where the golden ticket is, and finally a girl that is so spoiled that she doesn’t understand what it means not to get what she wants.

Charlie doesn’t get a ticket from his birthday present but he miraculously gets another chocolate bar with a ticket in it!

Finally, the 5 kids go with their parents and Charlie with his Grandpa to the Factory. As the door opens a few candy dolls start a little show, which gets all creepy at the end but somehow still pleases Willie Wonka.

The film is filled with weird characters -small people who Wonka says he grabbed out of some planet or forest and they keep performing good but still creepy performances and lots of memorable songs.

The Factory turns out to be an absolute adventure with things to try and things you can’t try and each one of those kids gets messed up and lost somehow in the factory because of their greediness.

Willie Wonka keeps remembering his father who used to abuse him and prevent him from eating candy and chocolate so he went on to pursue his dream which was to make and eat all the candy in the world but did not get over his paternal issues.

The film is deep and complicated and this film has amazing production values and special effects. It ends on a good note, and while it’s not better than the original movie, it’s a remake that you will absolutely enjoy.

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