Hexes by Tom Piccirilli - Book Review


Hexes by Tom Piccirilli - Book Review

Mathew Galen is back in his hometown to save his friends, who are locked up in a nuthouse for some spooky stuff they did when they were kids. The rest of the book is about Mathew fighting off the forces of Hell and a slew of undead necromancers, to save his town.

The story is chalked full of infamous Satanists and religious nutcases. And, after a wild ride through Mathew’s memory and old love life, seeing flashbacks to the beginning of all their demonic troubles, Tom lets loose an explosion in the typical bloody fashion I’ve come to expect from this madman. The story does not fail to deliver on every aspect of a good horror book.

Tom Piccirilli never fails to deliver a belly-full of raw, uncut mysticism and occult madness; and Hexes is no exception. The man’s writing style is rivaled by no one in the horror genre. The way the protagonist works through the storyline is gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Book Details

Title: Hexes
Format: Paperback
Author: Tom Piccirilli
Language : English
Publisher : Leisure Books
ISBN: 0843944838

There is just enough drama to make you feel sorry for him, however, the real treat in Hexes is sitting back and watching the unraveling bloodbath. Magic, love, tragedy, childhood trauma—and a learned necromancer shooting spells out of his hands. The fight scenes are incredible and the gore is heavy and bloody, as it should be; I give this book a 10/10.

Tom tells the story in a manner that prevents you from putting down the book. I was turning pages until the middle of the night. The prose is unstoppable. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down until the gory, somewhat boggling finale. 

I will be running back to the store for more books like this. Tom Piccirilli is my new favorite author of the horror genre.

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