Tides of War by Christie Golden - Book Review

Tides of War

Tides of War by Christie Golden - Book Review

This novel exquisitely portrays the tragedy of Theramore and the downward spiral of Jaina. Christie Golden showed us perfectly how heartbroken Jaina was and how the sweet peaceful Mage who never liked fighting turned into a vengeful force to be reckoned with.

Whether you played the games or not, you would feel so attached to each character and you would imagine the horror and heartbreak that happens with the events of blowing up Theramore and all the heinous crimes that Garrosh did. You can see how Jaina was forced out of her home and would stop at nothing to avenge her people by any means necessary.

I liked the plotline where she started having feelings for Kalecgos and how this relationship was very sweet to read, especially after what happened to her with Arthas and the events of his wrath. It just felt like she needed a break, so I was happy for her. You can see that most people were in good terms with her too, whether it was Baine, Thrall, or the Kirin Tor council.   

The sequence of the bombing, the attacks, and the deaths were too difficult to read. But Christie made the sequence perfect and it was beautifully written. Especially the part when Jaina went berserk and used her power to try and bring a huge tidal wave to level Ogrimmar and drown the people in it. Garrosh has driven her mad, but I couldn't blame her.

The best part of the book had to be when Thrall tried to stop her, but he did it as a friend and not an enemy. You can see the great battle of wind and water, even though Thrall managed to hold her back, he wasn't powerful enough to stop her rage.

It was scary to read that he was ready to die to defend Ogrimmar because he didn't want to hurt Jaina who he considered as a good ally and friend. If it wasn't for Kalecgos flying in at that moment to calm her down and stop this, she would have killed Thrall and the citizens of Ogrimmar.

Jaina went through hell and Christie Golden wrote yet another amazing novel to shows us that. Keeping you nervous, anxious, sad, excited, and happy, all at the same time. I'd give this book a 8/10 and it's a solid read that everyone should experience.

Book Details

Title: Tides of War
Format: Paperback
Author: Christie Golden
Language : English
Publisher : Gallery Books
ISBN: 9781416550761

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