Warcraft - Movie review


Warcraft - Movie review

I've been waiting for a movie adaptation of this game for years, Duncan Jones really did a great job in bringing the game to life. Even though the movie was negatively reviewed and it barely made break-even in the box office. I still think the movie wasn't so bad. It feels Hollywood will always have a negative response to a movie about a game.

First off, I think the best quality or trait of this movie has to be the special effects. The CGI work and how the actors blended it all in on-screen was just perfect. The orcs couldn't have been better and you could see so much in their facial expression and their eyes. That scene when Thrall was giving that thousand-yard stare was just beautiful. He didn't have to speak or do anything because his eyes said it all. Duncan Jones was a genius when it came to showing real emotion and expression for every character in the movie.

I do however have some comments about the style of jumping from one scene to another. It felt rushed and normally there should be a small two or three-second sequence before the next scene. It just felt like it was missing that part.

The story was nice, Blizzard did give Duncan some liberty when it came to the story changes. I don't mind the changes but I didn't like one thing: Garona shouldn't be Lothar's love interest. I don't know...I felt like it would have been better if it was Medivh because of all the demons (literally) that he was battling in his mind and soul. It's a shame they cut so many cool scenes from the movie though. I feel like it could have made the movie better if it reached the final cut.

The actors and actresses did an amazing job bringing these characters to life too. I think Duncan made some excellent choices when it came to choosing the cast.

Overall, I'd rate this movie a 9/10. Despite the backlash, I loved it and would see it again. I do recommend that people should give it a try and watch it.

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