World of Warcraft: Arthas - Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden

World of Warcraft: Arthas - Rise of the Lich King

World of Warcraft: Arthas - Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden

Christie Golden is a genius because she managed to include the key parts of the story that we've seen in the game but added more depth to each character. She also managed to give us a lot of parts that were not in the games at all, which made the story even more exciting.

This novel shows you Arthas's childhood moments, his relationship with his mentors Muradin and Uther, the love triangle with him, Jaina, and Kael'thas; his gradual fall into darkness, and of course, we can't forget about his horse...

You can feel that something was wrong with Arthas even before the massacre that happened in Stratholme. Christie did an excellent job giving us key points gradually to his decent, but you can't help but admire the character even after he went all crazy and took the mantle of Lich King.

Book Details

Title: World of Warcraft: Arthas - Rise of the Lich King
Format: Paperback
Author: Christie Golden
Language : English
Publisher : Pocket Books
ISBN: 1416550771

I adored the love triangle bits. It was a bittersweet feeling every time you read it and read the events that followed. It would make you both sad and angry when Arthas and Jaina decided to end things and become "just friends" because all the heartache that Keal'thas went through was for nothing.

I wish there were more moments with him and Varian because I still think Varian was the only person close enough to be Arthas's match, whether it was his combat prowess or strategic thinking.

I did enjoy seeing how Muradin and Uther helped Arthas in different moments in his life. Which makes it so heartbreaking to read what he did to his former mentors, especially Uther because he deserved better than to be stripped of his title and later die by Arthas's hand.

The descent to madness and darkness started to really happen after the Culling of Stratholme. It's from there that you realize that Arthas was pretty much long gone and it was too late to go back now.

It's a shame that we had to read all the brutal things he did, including the torture that Sylvanas had to go through and the patricide of King Terenas. You can sense the extent of his power by how he subjugated Anub'arak too.

This book is an amazing read and Christie continues to prove just how amazing she really is. I'd give this book a solid 10/10. I highly recommend that you read it.

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