Baraka - Movie Review


Baraka - Movie Review

This film plays a lot like one of those videos that helps release stress. The techniques used from the movie are mostly time-lapse and slow-motion cinematography.

Baraka, an experimental non-narrative documentary, was released in 1992 by Rick Frickle who came up with the idea and directed it. The film features rituals and traditions from around the world and connects that to the world around us.

It was shot in 24 different countries and 6 continents over 14 months with a 5 man crew. Every shot of this film will capture something and will totally get to you. It’s beautiful and very entertaining to watch, there isn’t a specific story to it because there isn’t any narrative. The best way to describe it is that it’s a celebration of our planet. 

Baraka is an Arabic word that means “blessing” and the film expands our horizon and enables us to connect with places, mountains, and sceneries from around the world and circulates it around our rituals and acts of prayer, traditions, and beliefs. I think the film tries to deliver the fact that humans and the world are connected and the healing of the earth is linked to the healing we seek.

Scenes from China, Japan, Nepal, Cambodia, Iran, and many more countries around the world are breathtaking and followed by soundtracks and music pieces composed by Michael Stearns of ritual dances or spiritual music and chanting that will give you an instant feeling of peace -oneness with the earth and the entire universe. 

Shots of traffic in New York and Tokyo and how speed becomes essential in life over wellbeing or just simply appreciating the nature and the earth we live in is unbelievable, meditation rituals, prayers, and forest dances from Australia, Africa, and America are astonishing. And combined with the most enduring sceneries of mountains, animals, and deforesting is mesmerizing and soul touching.

This is a must-see film that will leave you wanting to explore more, appreciate the earth and human beings more, and become at peace with your surroundings.

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