Rush Hour - Movie Review

Rush Hour

Rush Hour - Movie Review

Comedy movies are always a clever choice for producers when it comes to profit. On average, they require a small investment and are easier to amount to commercial success than more dramatic movies. That being said, comedy rarely withstands the test of time. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how humorous content can be relevant only to a specific era and demographic. One example of this is how in the old days the LGBT community was the butt of many jokes, but currently, that is offensive. This is why when an Action/Comedy like Rush Hour, filmed in 1998 remains a fan favorite, we must take the time to appreciate it.

While the movie is filled with standard Action movie shenanigans like car chases, gun, and fistfights, it is also packed with loads of comic scenarios that will have you laughing in tears. This is the reason why it is starring the dynamic duo, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. 

As expected, Chan is mainly the enforcer of the Action part of the movie, and Tucker is the driving force behind most of the hilarious segments. However, the on-screen chemistry these two have, led to them appearing as two sides of the same coin, where they build on each other's performances instead of having the Action exclusively depicted by Jackie Chan, and the Comedy explicitly by Chris Tucker.

The film starts with the kidnapping of the Chinese consul’s daughter, which initiates the plot. The consul needs someone he can trust to help recover his daughter safely, enter detective Lee from Hong Kong. He flies to LA, the scene of the crime, where he has to team with local braggadocio Detective James Carter. Lee is an idealistic, brilliant detective, and Carter is more the follow-gut-feeling type of detective. 

These differences pose troubles for the two of them in working with each other, and most importantly, lays ground to some of the best laughs you’ll have to watch this.

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