The Good Wife - Review

The Good Wife

The Good Wife - Review

Don’t think this is your typical melodramatic show with no substance, because it’s not. The Good Wife, the winner of 5 Emmys, brings up lots of interesting topics including politics, law, love, global businesses, marriage, sex, religion, and more.

The Good Wife revolves around a lawyer, Alicia Florrick, (played by Julianna Margulies) who is married to the bad husband Peter Florrick (Chris North), a district attorney who gets caught up in a sex scandal and charges of corruption.

Alicia starts as a stay-home mom to her teenage daughter and son. Despite being a law school graduate, she lives in the shadow of her husband. When Peter gets imprisoned, Alicia decides to start her working career as a lawyer and is hired as a junior associate by a high-end Chicago firm. From this point on, we watch Alicia grow. She begins to discover her true capabilities that were overshadowed by her husband; perhaps a bit unintentionally and, at times, intentionally.

If you like legal dramas, then you’ll like this. It gets especially interesting when life’s daily problems are woven into the drama. Daily problems include her interfering mother-in-law, Jackie; her husband’s ruthless but witty and funny campaign manager, Eli; her female boss and champion of women’s rights, Diane; the firm’s tiny but tough female detective who gets the job done but in questionable ways, Kalinda; and her college buddy, a partner in the firm, and love-interest, Will; among others. 

It has the right amount of legal facts, sarcasm, dry humor, and emotions to get viewers involved. More than courtroom drama, it shows what happens to life because of betrayal and all the sadness, anger and grief you have to go through to keep yourself and your family afloat.

With a solid, all-around cast, almost every episode has a clever storyline. It’s difficult not to be repetitive when a show lasts 7 seasons, but this series gets you anxious to watch each episode.

The drawback of this series comes at its ending. For being “the good wife”, the character of Alicia deserved a better ending and truer to her growth. Or maybe she didn’t grow the way we thought. But nearly all of its 157 episodes are worth binging.

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