V for Vendetta - Movie Review

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta - Movie Review

“Remember, remember the 5th of November…”, no words drove more people to the streets than these in James McTeigue’s iconic picture, V for Vendetta. For a film based on DC’s limited comic book series by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, it is remarkable how critically acclaimed the movie is.

While movies based on comic books usually cater to the younger segments of the audience, V for Vendetta is a must-watch for anyone looking for an exciting, original, and perhaps too honest movie.

Other than being directed by the brilliant eyes of James, the movie is backed by a fleet of stars who are sure to blow you away with their mesmerizing performances.

  The story takes place in an almost post-apocalyptic totalitarian Britain, where the people are under siege from their government. The plot starts to show colors rather early on, but you only get the full picture at the very end.

Yes, this movie is more serious than your average Superhero movie, but that doesn’t shake the truth that it is ultimately a story about superheroes, though more altruistically.

Our hero is self-named V, and you guessed it, the V stands for Vendetta. Vendetta for the wrongdoings of the standing regime, against him, and the country. He is played by the ingenious Hugo Weaving, who pulled off one of the most convincing roles of his life, without even removing the mask.

Truth be told, we all have a rebellious side to us, that is fueled by the countless injustices that take place daily in our world. This movie speaks to that side of you above all else. Not in a million years, would you have thought that a movie could ignite the fires of rebellion within you, but this movie does just that.

Watching it really is going to be one of the most exciting things you’ll get to do, quarantined at home.

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